Arrow: Season 1 Episode 13 – ‘Betrayal’ Review

Arrow Manu Bennett Deathstroke

In “Betrayal”, Oliver confronts his mother on the book of names while Detective Lance uses Laurel as bait to capture the vigilante.

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As children we looked up to our parents for guidance and unconditional support. As we grow older, we begin to realize our parents don’t have all the answers and despite their shortcomings, there’s still an implicit level of trust. But when a child’s trust in their parent is violated, everything that was once certain becomes clouded with doubt and as seen in this week’s episode, next to infidelity, it is the ultimate betrayal.

In a way, Laurel had it coming to her. Maybe she should have thought of the consequences before using her father to obtain classified police information and taking his phone (the first time) in previous episodes. The difference between Laurel betraying her father’s trust and her father returning the favor, is that Detective Lance put her life in jeopardy by using her as bait. Or another way to look at it, is his singled-minded purpose to put away the vigilante made him risk the most important person left in his life without any thought to the repercussions.

Arrow Season 1 Episode 13

Laurel has every right to be upset and it was great watching her verbally assault her father. Since day one Detective Lance has had it in for the vigilante. He’s channeling his hurt and bitterness towards an easy target in Oliver/the Hood and having Laurel break it down puts it into perspective. It must be a bitter pill to swallow for Det. Lance to admit that the vigilante is the only person he can trust to protect his daughter. Though Laurel is not ready to have her father back in her life anytime soon, Tommy is more than willing to a be a shoulder to lean on in spite of being lied to himself. How many times does Tommy need to be stepped on before he stops impersonating a doormat?

Because Oliver blindly trusts his mother and accepts her explanations without any further questions, Diggle is left to uncover the truth on his own. When Diggle gets caught eavesdropping, I was pretty sure a fight would breakout but he doesn’t even break a sweat and talks his way out of a sticky situation. Very smooth, Diggle! Apparently Diggle can do it all, whether he’s the chauffeur from Driving Miss Daisy or the smart talking Beverly Hills Cop.

We’ve known for a long time of Moira’s shady dealings so how Oliver reacts to being betrayed is what’s interesting to watch unfold. Oliver is obviously angry as hell and interrogating his mother as the vigilante means the gloves are off. Will Moira have an explanation for the sabotaged yacht, whatever the “under taking” is and the extent of her involvement with Robert Queen’s death? If you’ve seen the previews, then you know how their chat will go.

Arrow Episode 13 Betrayal

After last episode’s Count Vertigo which was an adaptation of a comic book villain, this week we are introduced to a criminal named Cyrus Vanch (David Anders) who is specifically written for the TV show. With the small amount screen time allotted, David Anders did a pretty good job of creating a smarmy and noxious villain. He got in a decent line about Laurel, “I love a girl who can take care of herself, but can’t block a taser”. Another aspect I liked was how Vanch wanted to be the new crime boss of the underworld; a vacant position since the triad leader was assassinated and Bertinelli is in prison. It’s little bits of continuity such as this which helps build the Arrow world.

Arrow Slade Wilson Manu Bennett

In the flashbacks there was a nice twist. We learned an Australian man named Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) was partners with the masked man who tortured Oliver in Damaged. I had assumed that the masked man who fought Yao Fei was Slade Wilson. Being a fan of Starz’s Spartacus, it’s great to have Manu Bennett (aka Crixus) join the cast of Arrow. Bennett gives Slade Wilson a commanding presence without the hoarse whisper that he usually talks in as Crixus. When he tells Oliver, I can do this in a way you cannot feel it at all, it’s as if he was trying to do Oliver a favor. What I would enjoy is a whole episode on the island, because the bits and pieces that are doled out are not enough, which is actually a compliment.

What did you like or didn’t like about this episode? What did you think of Slade Wilson and Cyrus Vanch?


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