Arrow: Season 1 Episode 15 – ‘Dodger’ Review

Arrow Episode 15 Dodger

A hostage taking jewel thief nicknamed Dodger (James Callis) strikes Starling City. Meanwhile, Thea’s purse gets snatched by a pickpocket named Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and Oliver goes on a date with Detective McKenna Hall.

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Hello Arrow fans! After last week’s fantastic Odyssey I was really hoping the follow-up episode could keep up the momentum. The Odyssey had some fans considering if Arrow could potentially be the definitive live-action comic book superhero TV show (sorry Smallville). Knowing how great Arrow is when the story, action and characters are firing on all cylinders, means that every episode after will inevitably be judged to a higher standard.

Not to say that Dodger was a letdown though some intriguing developments, such as Shado and Fyer’s mysterious boss, are put on the back burner in favor of a run of a mill villain episode. Above all else, Dodger will be remembered as the episode that introduced Roy Harper, a potential game changer in Arrow’s superhero landscape.

For those familiar with DC Comics Universe or took a minute to look it up on Wikipedia, Roy Harper is Green Arrow’s teenage sidekick Speedy who later became known as Red Arrow. Since Diggle and Felicity are more than capable as Oliver’s crime-fighting partners, it makes sense that Roy Harper is first introduced on the show as a potential romantic interest for Oliver’s little sister Thea.

Arrow Episode 15 Roy Harper Colton Haynes

Thea falls for “my mother is messed up on Vertigo” story, having abused the drug herself. She’s obviously drawn to his troubled bad-boy persona and Abercrombie chiseled jaw. Actor and former model Colton Haynes is fairly competent in his handful of scenes, including when under interrogation by Det. Lance. It’s a fine balance to deliver a believable line with a trace of falseness and Haynes pulls it off. The first thing I noticed is his speed and agility in ninja jumping over the fence, though leaving behind his chain wallet is not very stealthy. What I’m most curious about is how his thieving and lying is going to shake up things up and play off of the show’s core characters.

Earlier I mentioned the run of the mill villain this episode which may have been a tad harsh. But it does bring up how challenging it is for the writers to create a dynamic, engaging nemesis each episode. If the writers learned one thing from The Odyssey, is that a great episode doesn’t necessarily need a primary bad guy to drive the conflict of the story.

Maybe I missed it, but Dodger’s motivation could have been expanded upon. I like getting into the heads of characters, where as Dodger has a hankering for exploding them which is always a fun trait to have in a villain. I also appreciated that Dodger (James Callis) uses a taser like-device to knock unconscious most of his victims.

One possible oversight is when Dodger’s method of using hostages to steal was forgotten when he simply scooped up the jewel at the auction. If it wasn’t for Felicity catching him in the act and getting collared, it would have gone against his criminal profile and namesake. Though it could have been his plan all along to collar someone as an escape plan, especially if he suspected he was walking into a trap.

Arrow Season 1 Episode 15 Dodger James Callis

Other Quick Observations:

» Unfortunately several story lines didn’t work for me this episode. Oliver’s and Diggle’s date were not very compelling. The aspect of how their pasts conflict with living their lives in the present is true to their characters but it didn’t give any new insight, especially for Oliver.

» If the flashbacks in this episode is to plant seeds for a potential story line on the prisoner in the cave then I’d be interested. But as a stand alone scene it wasn’t executed effectively for us to feel the weight of Oliver’s decision. Hint … needs more Slade Wilson!

» I did like Felicity’s entrance at the auction without her glasses and her hair all down. Oliver’s and Diggle’s reaction without saying anything about her looks was well done. It was good to see Felicity’s moral conscience is rubbing off on Oliver. I also thought Felicity would be reluctant to suggest Oliver go out on a date with McKenna since she would want him for herself. 🙂

» The “undertaking” involves fixing the Glades which Moira has been behind from the very beginning. Her good intentions apparently crossed paths with the criminal underworld, now she’s trying to get out. China White’s wig is better this episode, but I hope she gets her ass kicked by the Dark Archer.

» Did you catch the second Battlestar Galatica actor in this episode?

» “I’m not Robin Hood.” – Did you like that line or did it miss the mark?

What did you like or didn’t like about this episode? What did you think about the introduction of Roy Harper and this week’s villain Dodger?

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