Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer: Breaking Down the Top 5 Most Intriguing Moments

Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer delivered exactly what the Maester ordered! But I’m still waiting for my lemon cakes.

The April 24th premiere date is not too far away now. I usually don’t get too excited over trailers, but I can say that it’s got me thinking about some very intriguing possibilities the new season could have in store. I say possibilities because the show has either caught up or surpassed the books in almost all of the story lines. Most of this post will contain a mix of possible spoilers and speculation. (Hint: That was your spoilers warning)

Some general thoughts first. The clips on my favorite characters Tyrion and Arya don’t give a good sense of where their stories are headed. Arya is still blind for the time being and still getting face slapped. Poor Arya! Tyrion, I presume, is going to get down and dirty in Meereen. Dirty games. Wicked games. It doesn’t matter, Tyrion will play his own game.

A battle is brewing in the North. Isn’t it time for the Boltons to get their comeuppance? Or least knock them down a peg. Ramsey’s marriage to Sansa was supposed to help solidify their claim to the North. With her safely out of sight, what are the Bolton’s next move? Perhaps the Northern forces will team up and give the Boltons the pointy end of the stick.

Let’s go into some more detail on five specific scenes.

#5. Cersei & Sir Robert Strong

So Cersei is back to her incestuous ways. Eww. That aside, I like when Cersei is pissed off (when is she ever not pissed off?). A vengeful Cersei is someone you don’t want to mess with. Certainly not when she’s in command of a freaky half dead The Mountain, er I mean Sir Robert Strong. The prophecy of her loosing her children is coming true. Two down, King Tommen to go. The High Sparrow has forced her hand and I can’t wait to see her choose violence in retaliation.

#4. Bran Stark & The White Walker

Does absence makes the heart grow fonder? I’m looking forward to Bran’s return.  We know that Bran can see visions and take over Hordor’s body. But his powers have grown since we last saw him. I think Bran’s scene with the White Walker is not a vision per se but that he can extend his consciousness to other parts of the region. He can see things without having to actually be there.

The White Walker can sense Bran’s presence, it’s looking directly at Bran as if he was there but of course he’s not, Bran’s leg are paralyzed. This is a good development because it could get boring quickly if Bran’s scenes were all confined to the cave of the three-eyed crow.


#3. The Greyjoys

In Pyke, the last king standing in the War of the Five Kings has finally fallen. If you’re counting along that’s Renly, Robb, Joffrey, presumably Stannis and now Balon. Whenever a king dies, the power is up for grabs. A front runner to be the next leader is Asha er I mean Yara. She’s one of my favorite female characters in the books but on the show she’s too dour and hard to like. Giving her a new love interest should liven her up a bit; show an expression other than a frown or disgust (ie. We got a box in the mail from the Boltons, let’s see what’s inside. Puke.).

The other candiate is Uncle Euron Greyjoy who’s going to cause trouble (the actor looks a lot like Alfie Allen). I’m glad that the show is giving more attention to the Greyjoys and introducing Euron. But I’m also apprehensive because last season I was thinking the same thing about Prince Doran and Dorne.

#2. The Targaryens

On the surface of things, Dany getting captured and becoming a slave probably doesn’t sound too exciting right? But I’m really looking forward to Dany’s story. Coming back full circle to Vaes Dothrak is interesting because Dany has come along way from the timid young lady from Season 1. The Dorthaki are likely going to be a big part of Dany’s contingent whenever she finally makes her way to Westeros.

Soldiers with the Targaryens sigil are briefly shown in the trailer. As many have theorized, since in the present day there wouldn’t be an army of Targaryens in Westeros, this means we are getting a flashback. Specifically, some fans believe the flashback will be on Tower of Joy.

melissandre game of thrones season 6

#1. Jon Snow’s Corpse

Well we didn’t expect HBO to directly answer in this trailer whether Jon Snow will be resurrected right? But Kit Harrington’s corpse did get a lot of screen time and it’s not by accident. Jon’s remains or more precisely what some characters plan on doing with it is going to be an important development. Ser Davos along with Ghost appear to be protecting the body. While Melissandre, it’s not an official trailer unless she’s disrobing, has other plans. We’ll just have to wait until the new season starts to get some real answers.

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What’s your reaction to the new trailer? Do you have any theories or predictions? Which story lines are you most excited for?


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