25 Secrets on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 from Director James Gunn

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 writer/director James Gunn recently answered fan questions on social media.

Gunn reveals a whole bunch of behind the scenes secrets and hints at what’s next for the Guardians.

All spoilers are fair game, so please be warned if you have not watched the movie yet.

Here are some quick bullet points from James Gunn’s video Q&A below:

• Baby Groot’s dance moves in the opening scene are performed by James Gunn.

• There will be no romance between Drax and Mantis. Drax likes heavy set women.

• Peter Quill ignores Baby Groot for most of the film because he’s like the absentee father. It’s not until the end where Quill acknowledges his father figure role to young Groot after realizing how much Yondu was a father figure to him.

• Baby Groot is not the same Groot from the first film. Adolescent Groot will grow into his own version of Adult Groot.

• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the final film for this iteration of the Guardians.

• Adam Warlock will not be in Infinity Wars.

• Miley Cyrus voices Mainframe at the end of the movie.

• Yondu is dead. He will not be back in future movies.

• Stan Lee’s cameo is a fun nod to fans who speculated he’s a Watcher. There’s a timeline gaffe because Vol. 2 takes place in 2014 but Lee’s line about him being a Fed-Ex guy is the cameo for Civil War.


Q: Why did you choose to use a Zune and not a CD player ?

James Gunn: Less easy to guess, I suppose, and it has songs ON it as opposed to in it. I actually imagine Yondu deleted the songs he didn’t like, which would probably be maddening to Quill if he knew it.

Q: Why didn’t Ego reveal himself earlier in the film? Quill’s conflict seemed to come very late to the party while G/N and Y/R in particular had much longer and more heartfelt problems.

James Gunn: Not sure what you’re talking about. Quill’s conflict with Ego starts at the very beginning when he doesn’t trust him and Gamora talks him into it. And then it changes and develops over the course of the movie – going from distrust and anger, to trust that causes problems with the rest of his team, and finally to madness.

Q: Is Yondus casket going into space a reference to wrath of khan/ is the shot of the guardians looking out the window at the ravager funeral a reference to the end of empire strikes back?

James Gunn: The shot of Kraglin at the end references Christopher Lloyd at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – a film that influenced me more than ESB and definitely more than Wrath of Khan.

Q: So star-lord’s helmet, the walkman and the milano are now destroyed. Was this a way to make sure vol.3 will look different if you wouldn’t have directed it?

James Gunn: No. The Milano is fixable. As would be the helmet. The Walkman was an emotional moment.

Q: While I love Drax, and Batista’s portrayal, I felt he got a little shortchanged on badass moments. Was this a choice from the beginning or just a result of editing the film down?

James Gunn: HE JUMPED OUT OF A SPACESHIP IN THE MIDDLE OF OUTER SPACE WITH A GUN. And he held his arms up while being swallowed himself, saving Mantis life. There are a lot of characters. They can’t each get a billion badass moments.

Q: Being one of the few/only solo voices of a Marvel franchise, how much freedom are you allowed at first when breaking the story? The balance seems intimidating.

James Gunn: 100% freedom from start to finish.

Q: So I read somewhere that you said Stallone and Russel’s characters were going to be critical parts of the MCU moving forward. If that’s true how exactly will that work for Ego?

James Gunn: Well Ego’s progeny affects everything, as do the events in this movie. I obviously wasn’t going to answer that question about Ego as ‘no’, letting everyone know he died in this movie!

Q: In regards to Yondu, was it your decision to have him die? I personally felt the addition of his story could be great leading into the 3rd volume. Going to suck not having him in the next one

James Gunn: Every single thing in the movie was my decision, so yes. Watch the video for my explanation.

Q: In this movie as you said Peter, Rocket and Gamora had their own personal story and Drax was kind of the comic relief. Will Drax have a bigger part in vol.3?

James Gunn: Drax had a personal story – but it was a part of Mantis’ story, who is truly the protagonist of that pair. I said Drax didn’t change, not that he didn’t have a story.

Q: Even though his scenes were cut from the final final, are we going to see Nathan Fillion return to the MCU, whether in Guardians or other films, as Simon Williams/ Wonder Man?

James Gunn: There were no Wonder Man scenes ever in the movie ugh.

Q: What is your favorite moment in the film? Mine is when Peter Quill is having the flashbacks and everything is silent, before reacting with anger to Ego.

James Gunn: Probably Nebula hugging Gamora back (in her own way).

Q: Was the line “Im going to make some weird shit” improvised or was that on the script?Chris reaction was so real that I was curious.

James Gunn: Scripted.

Q: Will the writers of the next Avengers movie be running the involvement of the Guardians of the galaxy by you or do they have free reign to write what they want regarding their characters.

James Gunn: I’ve been working with them a lot.

Q: How will the Guardians of the Galaxy be different from how they were in the first two films since Avengers: Infinity War takes place four years after both films? They must’ve changed a lot since then.

James Gunn: It will be quite a few years between them so we’ll see quite a few changes, yes, and various degrees of maturation within the team.

Q: Will the writers of the next Avengers movie be running the involvement of the Guardians of the galaxy by you or do they have free reign to write what they want regarding their characters.

James Gunn: I’ve been working with them a lot.

Q: What was the most emotional scene to write , film? I loved yondus final scene but the scene with drax and mantis in front of the water and you could see all of his sadness in her was very touching .

James Gunn: Definitely for me it was Yondu’s final scene.

Q: You mentioned Baby Groot doesn’t retain memories from the first film, but what makes Groot the same Groot? What’s his connection to GotG? Does he retain some emotional essence or is her just a baby?

James Gunn: Who said he was the same Groot?

Q: Is drax’s daughter really dead or could she come back as moondragon? will we see more about the other guardians’ history or will the focus continue to be on Quill?

James Gunn: Dead.

Q: The Grandmaster appears briefly in the rolling credits so does that mean he will have some sort of communication with the guardians in future films or was that just a nod to the next Thor movie?

James Gunn: Nod to Thor.

Q: What was the writing process like in relation to Marvel’s input in story/character beats/links to later movies and did that have any impact on your original creative vision?

James Gunn: They would have creative ideas (Jonathan Schwartz, my Marvel Executive Producer, came up with the idea for Ego to destroy the Walkman) but there was no other input from them in relation to the MCU. They knew they’d need to make the story of Infinity War follow whatever I created for Vol 2.

Q: While Kurt Russell was great as Ego…the true meta humor would have been casting Kevon Bacon instead. Though I do have to ask, is this a love letter for stepfathers?

James Gunn: It’s a love letter to imperfect fathers of all sorts, blood related or not.

Q: Why did Howard the duck get a makeover for Vol. 2? He looks really cool but was wondering what made you change his look from the first film?

James Gunn: Just trying to improve him. We had to make him very quickly in the first movie, like in a couple weeks. We took more time this time around.

Q: Did you immediately know where you wanted to take Yondu’s character and his importance to Peter in the sequel when you were writing the first movie? Or was it an idea you had at a later time?

James Gunn: Yeah I pretty much knew where everything was going before I started the first film. Nebula and Yondu were both always meant to become future Guardians.

Q: I don’t know anyone has asked, but how did the Mary Poppins line came about in the movie? I love that line. I laugh every time I think about it! Hahaha!

James Gunn: I thought he would look like Mary Poppins if holding onto the arrow while I was writing it, and it went from there.

Thanks to James Gunn for taking the time to answer fan questions. Was there something else you are dying to know? Why not ask James Gunn yourself on his Facebook page, he’s cool like that.


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