Sunshine Blogger Award!


I got a Sunshine blogger award from Ruth at Flixchatter and Lloyd Marken! Thanks for the nomination! Here’s how it works:

Post the award on your blog
Thank the person who nominated you
Answer the 11 questions they sent you
Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are nominated!)
Send them 11 questions

Here are Ruth’s question below. Please check out Lloyd Marken‘s blog for his questions/my answers.

Q: Who’s your favorite female filmmaker?
A: On the strength of Point Break and Zero Dark Thirty – Kathyrn Bigelow

Q: Which actor/actress would you be willing to wait in line for say, 5 hours, to meet?
A: Tom Hanks

Q: If you could write ANY screenplay, what genre would it be? [Feel free to elaborate if you have a specific idea in mind already]
A: Alternate World Science Fiction

Q: Who’s your favorite male AND female film characters in the past decade?
A: I don’t really have favorites. The idea of Samantha in Her is interesting to me. And Fletcher from Whiplash is great.

Q: Same as above but for TV series/mini-series.
A: Tyrion and Arya

Q: What film genre you wish studios (Hollywood or otherwise) would make more of?
A: Photorealistic Human CGI Animated Film

Q: Inspired by Dell’s recent Against the Crowd Blogathon, what critically-panned film you’d defend with a passion in the past decade?
A: There may be movies that I like a lot more than other people but I can’t think of any I’d defend. Everybody can like or dislike whatever movie they want.

Q: What movie you saw this year that surprised you in a big way [whether good or bad]?
A: Sing Street

Q: If you could have a single piece of clothing from any film, which one would you pick?
A: I don’t know, Django’s hat?

Q: If you could be James Corden for a day for one episode of Carpool Karaoke, which one musical artist (or actor if he/she is also a singer) would you invite?
A: If picking alive or dead singer, Amy Winehouse

Q: What’s your most reliable guilty pleasure movie?
A: Clueless

11 Bloggers I’m nominating:

The Hypersonic55’s Realm 

The Triple Option

The Film Review

Geek Blogger UK


Polar Bears Watch TV

Film Grimoire

The Daily Opine

Mel Rook & The 7 Deadly Sins

Movie Rob


Please do not feel obligated to participate. Here are my 11 questions, if you wish to accept.

What’s a movie, tv show, book, or game which pleasantly surprised you this year?

What do you like to have for lunch on weekends or on your day off?

What’s a funny joke or news story or event that made you laugh recently?

What are you looking forward to before the end of the year?

Who is one of your favorite storytellers/writers (any medium)?

Which movie/tv show/book reminds you of your own childhood or adolescence?

Which franchise (any medium) would you like to put to rest or revive?

Based on your experience, what’s one advice you have for new bloggers?

Are you a superstitious type of person? About what?

Do you have other hobbies besides blogging?

Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?


Congrats to the previous and new nominees! Thanks for reading.


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