Superhero Movies of 2016 Ranked Worst to Best

This year has plenty to offer fans of superhero movies.  The cinematic universes expanding and superheroes battling each other is all the rage. Also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returned in the sequel Out of the Shadows (Full Review Here). For the rest of the superhero movie lineup, here’s a personal take on how they all stacked up.

6. X-Men: Apocalypse 

Hey Bryan Singer, what the heck happened? In a hit and miss franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past is a bright spot, on the other hand X-Men: Apocalypse is trash. The film version should be free to do its own thing but at least think it through before making changes from the source material. One problem is that JLaw became a big star and they are trying to fit Mystique into places that doesn’t make sense. Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magento’s (Michael Fassbender) relationship worked in their first two films but the core of all the other character relationships didn’t feel right. So many potentially great characters are duds. I do like casting Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey but some confounding story decisions already put a damper on the Phoenix Saga which I really want to see done right in the live action cinematic universe.

5. Suicide Squad

I could bump Suicide Squad up a spot for a decent fun factor. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn has a great screen presence and is a likable comedic relief. Suicide Squad is a scrambled egg, which I normally enjoy, but in this case is too messy, overcooked and doesn’t come together. I didn’t feel invested in the team and they didn’t have any great moments together. They could have borrowed a better blueprint from Guardians of the Galaxy, another team of misfits. To top it off, the action scenes weren’t all that memorable, Joker could have been better integrated into the story and the villain would have been better suited for Justice League Dark. Full Review Here.

4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I can’t believe I watched this twice. I mean the first time was a bit of a slog. I didn’t mind the second time, watching the extended Ultimate Edition (UE) from the comfort of my couch. The pause button is great for those bathroom breaks. I like Ben Affleck’s take on an older Batman. Wonder Woman gave me chills when she jumped into action. EU’s improved scene transitions helped the flow. I still think BvS is flawed. It’s underwhelming in places, particularly the first sections and Superman scenes.

3. Deadpool

Oh was this supposed to be ranked number 2? Ryan Reynolds shines as Deadpool. His rapid fire comedic delivery is this movie’s strong point. The relationship between Wade and Vanessa worked when so many other superhero romances fall flat. Deadpool is a good lesson in making an action based comic book movie on a conservative budget. The fun action set piece on the highway overpass got stretched out over the first two acts which helped saved money.

2. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is another superhero origin movie following a tried and true formula. But as someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about Doctor Stephen Strange’s backstory, I appreciate taking the journey with him from arrogant neurosurgeon to sorcerer supreme protecting Earth from mystical threats. So much of what makes Doctor Strange fun is seeing the gradual transformation, both in physical appearance and his beliefs, that I probably wouldn’t feel as invested in his story if the movie started out with him as a fully formed superhero. Full Review Here.

1. Captain America: Civil War

You don’t need Spidey sense to know that Captain America: Civil War is my number one pick. The action scenes are very well done. I cared about the different sides with Iron Man’s Team going up against Captain America’s Team. I really liked how Black Panther is integrated into the story and his fighting style is great to watch. Spidey wasn’t as smoothly worked into Civil War, still I’m looking forward to his solo film. I also feel pretty confident that the directors will be be able to handle all the superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War. Full Review Here.

Which comic book movies did you like or dislike? What are your superhero movies rankings for this year? 


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