The Cabin In The Woods: Movie Review (Spoiler Free)


“The Cabin In The Woods Movie Review (Spoiler Free) – Subverting the horror movie tropes in the world we live in.”

At one point or another, you’ve probably felt trapped in a world were the rules, conceptions and value systems were imposed on you. And no matter how hard you tried to break the social norm, stereotype or a commonly held belief, you feel there is some overwhelming force conspiring against you. Or maybe after a heated debate you realized all your arguments were from something you watched on TV or heard from someone else. As much as we might feel like a puppet on a string at times, we ultimately do have a choice. Or maybe we’re just missing the point? These are some of the questions posed in the smart, funny, horror movie ‘The Cabin In The Woods’, directed and cowritten by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, Lost).


You think you know the story. Five friends go on a weekend getaway of partying, mischief and possibly sex. Dana is not quite a virgin (Kristen Connolly), Curt is an alpha-male athlete (Chris Hemsworth), Jules is the libidinous blonde (Anna Hutchison), Marty is the stoner fool (Fran Kranz), and Holden is the scholar (Jesse Williams). Well not really. These young characters are quickly established as complex, morally conscious, multi-faceted individuals. However, as the story unfolds, characters devolve into caricatures we know from typical horror movies, igniting our inherent desire to see their demise. Archetypes are a shorthand way to understand and relate to people. It can also serve to marginalize people making it easier to objectify, dehumanize and even inflict pain on them.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012)L-R Kristen Connolly and Jesse Williams

‘The Cabin In The Woods’ holds a mirror up to the world allowing us to see it for what it really is and who we are. We can gaze into the mirror, make funny faces, cover it up, run away from it, gaze through the mirror, or if you’re courageous, “break on through to the other side”. Goddard’s directorial debut is a highly entertaining, comedic-thriller bloodfest; poking fun at horror movie clichés and “embracing the tropes they are trying to subvert”. Although, it’s not a very scary movie, what might keep you up late at night is why we want to oppress and hurt young people.

To say anything more about the story will spoil the fun. Throw away your expectations and preconceptions and enjoy the ride!

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