The Last Guardian – 18 Minutes of New Gameplay

The wait is almost over. The Last Guardian is set for release on Dec 06, 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4. Recently at the Tokyo Game Show, the media got the opportunity to play a demo which showed off the game’s puzzle solving, platforming and bird-dog friend dynamic.

Kotaku’s early impressions describe The Last Guardian as “at times frustrating and at other times fascinating, both due to Trico, the game’s bird-dog AI companion.” The reporter explains, “Other times, I’d have to wait for Trico to do what was necessary to complete the puzzle, because it would follow his own logic instead of instantly listening to my demands. I wasn’t playing The Last Guardian at my own pace, but at Trico’s.”

Polygon’s preview cited issues with the controls: “It feels awkward as hell when it comes to actually controlling the main character. The protagonist doesn’t walk so much as he lurches in whichever direction you’ve pushed the analog stick.”

The latest gameplay footage answers the question of why doesn’t the young boy simply ride away on his gigantic feathered friend. Trico the last guardian doesn’t always listen to commands. The bird dog needs to be enticed with bright, glowing objects, while other items which frighten it need to be destroyed first before progressing. 

Take a look for yourself. The above video features 18 minutes of The Last Guardian gameplay including new areas not seen before as well as some already shown in the E3 trailer.

What do you think of The Last Guardian? Are you more or less excited after seeing the demo?


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