The Red Pill: Director Cassie Jaye explores the issues that face boys and men

Imagine having a 40 year conversation on gender issues where only one side gets to be heard. That changes with The Red Pill documentary. Director Cassie Jaye explores the Men’s Right Movement through interviews with men’s rights activists (MRAs) and feminists. Gender politics is an emotionally charged subject. However, we need to be open to the truth even if it might make us feel uncomfortable.

I first heard about The Red Pill and Cassie Jaye on The Rubin Report late last year. At that time I was at the start of my awakening into gender politics. Previously, I had come across some insightful YouTube videos by the Factual Feminist Christina Hoff Summers. I had also watched a very disturbing video of student protesters at a lecture given by Dr. Warren Farrell, author of “The Myth of Male Power”, at the University of Toronto.

You need to watch this to understand.

The protester screaming “you are scum” at men who simply wanted to listen to an invited guest speaker gave me an uneasy feeling in the pit my stomach. It forced me to question what the heck is going on in this culture? And why is there all this resentment towards men? I don’t consider myself to be the most politically minded individual. I’m more into popular entertainment where I’ve always supported the positive portrayal of women in movies and TV. For some irrational reason, a vocal segment in our society believes that listening to men’s experiences is somehow a threat towards women. Gender politics is really like going down a rabbit hole. Are you ready? There’s no going back.

So by the time I discovered Cassie Jaye’s interview on The Rubin Report, I was already looking for more information. I wasn’t familiar with The Red Pill metaphor, I didn’t even know that men’s rights is a thing and I couldn’t name a single men’s issue. Here’s what I need to share with you. The Red Pill is a reference to a scene in The Matrix where Morpheus gives Neo a choice between taking a red pill where the reality of the world is unveiled and the blue pill which will keep him blissfully asleep.

The Red Pill is a metaphor which a number of different movements use including the Men’s Right Movement. MRAs focus on complex issues facing boys and men. There are a lot of issues. The Red Pill┬ádiscusses the high male suicide rate, workplace fatalities, family law bias such as divorce and child custody cases, domestic violence, male genital mutilation, reproductive rights, paternity fraud and much more. The mainstream attitude towards these issues reveal an empathy gap for boys and men in our society.

Director Cassie Jaye takes an objective observer approach to the interviews. Each person is allowed to speak for themselves and freely share their opinions. To keep the discussion from being one-sided, the feminist perspective is also presented in the film. At one point, you can see a slightly perplexed look on Cassie Jaye’s face when listening to feminist Michael Kimmel’s view on domestic violence. She carefully refrains from challenging him further, instead leaves the viewer to make up their own mind.

One of the documentary’s strength is following Cassie Jaye’s own journey through her video diaries. Cassie Jaye describes herself as a feminist of ten years at the start of the film. Her previous documentaries were on women’s and LGBTQ rights. The Red Pill opens with how the mainstream media perceive MRAs to be women haters, even though there are many prominent women MRAs and supporters. The truth can be uncomfortable. The video diary entries show Cassie Jaye in emotional conflict as her feminist beliefs and world view are put into question.

The Red Pill hits a nerve. When confronted with information which puts our sense of being into chaos it can trigger an intense reaction. In some cases, the response is to try to silence, dismiss and discredit. The film’s original intent is to reveal the truth behind the Men’s Right Movement. Now that the film is out, the efforts to censor The Red Pill is exposing an irrational fear towards a reasonable discussion on men’s issues. The good news is that judging by the sales, many people are willing to listen and decide for themselves. For the details on how you can watch The Red Pill documentary click here.

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