The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 “Clear” Review

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 Clear

In Season 3, Episode 12 titled “Clear”, Rick encounters an old friend while on a road trip to get more weapons in the war against the Governor.

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my gut reaction and spoiler filled thoughts.


The episode begins with Michonne driving past a lone survivor on the road begging for help. I love that they don’t bother discussing whether to pick up the hitchhiker or not.

So why do you think they drove on by? There are a number of valid reasons. Mainly because its risky to take a chance on a stranger and the responsibility that comes with it.

My kill of the week goes to the death of the lone survivor. After all the trauma Rick’s group has gone through their decision is understandable. They are not going to stick their necks out for someone not part of their group. Although they don’t stop for the hitchhiker, they return for the backpack. The stranger’s death is not on their conscience.

Without any scenes of Woodbury or the Prison, the survivors isolation in a post apocalyptic world is more strongly conveyed.

The Mat Said Welcome

Very surprised to see Morgan’s face when his helmet was removed. I’ve always wondered what happened to Morgan and after 3 seasons we finally find out. Actor Lennie Bruce’s performance is fantastic as a man out of his mind.

Had the sniper been a complete stranger Rick would have taken the guns and left right away. Because Morgan once saved Rick’s life it reminds him of the time he once had faith in people. Rick morally does right thing and waits until Morgan regains consciousness even if it is tactically the wrong decision.

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 Clear 02

Crazy Meets Crazy

Rick sees in Morgan how out of touch with reality he will become if doesn’t stay grounded. When Rick says “you can still come back from this” to Morgan, he’s also trying to convince himself he can make it out of crazy town.

Due to his “selfishness and weakness” as Morgan describes himself, it led to his son Duane’s death. To clear his guilty conscience and make things right in the world, Morgan has become obsessed with killing walkers to make up for not killing his walker wife when he had the chance in the pilot episode Days Gone Bye.

Although Morgan has given up, there’s hope within Rick that will be his saving grace. Rick has his friends to keep his sanity if only he starts trusting in people again. If Rick had continued with the radio messages, would it have kept Morgan from feeling alone and going crazy?

One Of Us

Carl’s walker kills have been piling up, but this is first time he has shot a living person. I can only imagine the killing machine he will grow up to be.

As emotionally numb Carl is becoming, there’s still a sentimental side to him when he feels compelled to get a family photo so Judith knows how her Mom looks.

Carl points out that Michonne is a practically a stranger without an obligation to help him. In fact, he wonders why Michonne was even asked to join the expedition.

His opinions change after Michonne is proven to be helpful in retrieving the photo and keeping him alive. She didn’t have to help but did it out of the goodness of her heart. Plus, getting on Rick’s and Carl’s good side is crucial if she wants to become a member of the group.

There’s an understated moment when Michonne tells Rick she’s seen things too. She’s no longer the lone wolf and as a part of the pack she’s ensuring her survival unlike the hitchhiker or Morgan.

Watch Inside Walking Dead Episode 312 for the cast and producer’s thoughts on the dichotomy between Rick and Morgan and why the expedition is a test for Michonne.

What did you like or didn’t like about this Morgan-centric episode?

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