The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 “Prey” Review

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 Prey Laurie Holden As Andrea

In Season 3, Episode 14 titled “Prey”, the Governor goes on the hunt for Andrea after she escapes Woodbury to warn the prison group of the impending massacre.

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my initial reaction and spoiler filled thoughts.

They Weren’t Human To Begin With

The opening flashes back to the time Michonne and Andrea were on their own during the past winter.

“They deserve what they got.” says Michonne about her neutered pet walkers. There were hints earlier in the season that Michonne had a personal connection to the pets she beheaded in episode 3.

What hasn’t been revealed until now is that the walkers were once men that did something terrible to Michonne to which Andrea sympathizes.

The scene would have been more effective if Michonne said something that endeared herself to Andrea so we have a stronger understanding of their bond. However, it did show how the lack of communication is the epicenter of their eventual relationship breakdown.

This Isn’t A Prison Camp, Is It?

For viewers that haven’t been following each episode, the flashback showed the Governor’s was lying again when he told Tyreese that Andrea spent the winter alone.

Good to see that at least one person has to practice getting head shots.  We haven’t seen much of Tyreese since his group left the prison. Most of what we saw of him this episode reinforced my initial impression that he’s a stand up guy for letting Andrea go and speaking up against feeding people to biters.

Tyreese The Walking Dead Season 3

BBQ Pit Biters

The side of Tyreese that we haven’t seen so far is his temper. When pushed to his limit, Tyreese is a force to be reckoned with. What sets him off is the thought of endangering the lives of children.

Before leaving Woodbury, he down plays his heroic actions for saving Donna and remains respectful to Allen. Later, an enraged Tyreese tells Allen how he failed his wife before holding the man over a open pit of biters.  This aspect to Tyreese’s personality might foreshadow his extreme measures when he figures out the Governor is playing him.

Since Andrea warned Tyreese and Sasha, do they truly want to be the Governor’s new henchmen or are they saying whatever the Gov wants to hear to stay in Woodbury?

There are a several worthy contenders for kill of the week, but the pile of scorched bitters writhing in the pit is creepy especially with the eyeballs staring up.

I’m assuming Milton torched the biter pit. He can’t take out his frustration directly on the Governor or stop the attack on the prison so he sabotages what he can.

Milton is stepping out from under the heel of the Governor which is great to see. If Gov knows who burned the bitters will Milton be joining Andrea in the torture chamber soon?


In a previous episode, Andrea had the opportunity to kill the Governor in his bed but her hesitation shows she’s still considering other options. Overlooking the Governor while he examines his torture tools, would Andrea have pulled the trigger if Milton didn’t stop her? At this point and with everything she knows, I believe she wants him dead.

A little while later, Andrea is left with no alternative but to put an end to the Governor if she hopes to get back to the prison. It’s quick thinking of her to hide behind the door while unleashing the walkers onto the Governor.

For a moment, I had no idea what she was doing when she opened the door knowing there’s a group of walkers there. As mentioned in the video below, the roles of prey & predator is exchanged through out the hunt.

Earlier in her escape, Andrea is pinned to a tree as a couple of walkers slowly crept towards her. It’s a great suspenseful moment that had me genuinely concerned for how Andrea was going to save herself. The walker that had its lips on Andrea’ forearm was cutting it really close.

he Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 Prey Andrea Torture Chamber Laurie Holden

Torture Chamber

The way the Gov is laying out his tools, testing out the chains and whistles in the torture room shows off his sadistic mind without any dialogue. He’s getting off on thoughts of what he will do to Michonne

By the end of the episode it’s Andrea in the torture  seat. Just a few more steps and she would have been in Rick’s line of sight. Of all the prison people, it’s unfortunate the man that sees dead people was on look out duties.

It surprised me when the Governor caught her at the last second after the incredible trek she endured. Overall, I liked “Prey” better than the other Andrea centric-episode “I Ain’t A Judas”.  The abandoned warehouse scene is completely absorbing where a sound adds tensions and even twist the scene into a different direction.

Imagine if Andrea made it back the prison … Rick would learned without a doubt that the Michonne deal is a ruse. Based on the next episode previews, without that piece of knowledge it’s going to cause turmoil as the prison group decides what to do with Michonne.


Did this episode change your opinion on Andrea? Who burned the biters? What does Milton really think of the Governor?

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