The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 “Say The Word” Review

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 titled “Say The Word” dealt with the aftermath of Lori’s shocking death and Michonne trying to convince Andrea to leave Woodbury.

Let’s dissect the episode! Continue reading for my gut reaction and spoiler filled thoughts.

The Walking Daughter

Governor revealed last week the only family he had left was his daughter. He failed to mention she was a walker.

Last season, Hershel kept his undead family in the barnyard because he was in a state of denial. He was unable to let them go; holding onto an irrational belief that they could be cured.

For the Governor, keeping Penny around might be giving him a sense of solace. Or perhaps it’s the last vestige of his humanity; a reminder of the idealistic family man he once might have been (“Daddy still loves you.”). Whatever his reason, he’s messed up.

The Governor wasn’t keeping a restrained Penny at arm’s length. He’s brushing her hair and embracing her as if she were alive. That one scene added both a layer of sympathy and creepiness to the characterization of the Governor.

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Anarchy Rules

Whatever Michonne uncovered in the Governor’s notebook is an intriguing mystery. They appear to be hash marks of some kind; as yet undecipherable.

Michonne doesn’t accept the reality that is presented to her. She’s highly in tune with her intuition and survival instincts. Which leads her to go snooping around Woodbury for more clues to support her gut feeling.

She obviously needed to release some tension when she massacred the caged walkers. There was a strong sense of pleasure and relief in her expression after the blood bath.

While the residents of Woodbury play by the Governor’s rules whether they consciously know it or not, Michonne cannot be domesticated. She’s not going live her life in a cage or gated community. Michonne sees through the Governor’s supposed gesture of good faith and puts her katana to his throat. Whether her decision to let the Governor live will end up biting her later remains to be seen.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Michonne’s intuition about Woodbury comes across as paranoia to Andrea. Why didn’t Michonne at least warn Andrea what she overheard hiding in the Governor’s house and the fresh blood she discovered last episode? It was the Governor that told Andrea he had captive walkers not Michonne.

Had Merle not opened the barricade door it would have made Andrea believe in Michonne and want to leave. Andrea’s speech about why she wants to stay makes sense from her perspective. If she only knew everything Michonne has found out, she might have been more suspicious.

Welcome to Zombie Fight Club! That’s one hell of a block party. Minus the walkers, it’s really not that different from a real life MMA fight and we are that audience cheering along. Admit it. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you can’t enough of heads being chopped in half.

Did the Governor really allow Michonne to escape or will they hunt her down at daybreak?

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Rick On A Rampage

Poor Rick. He’s in a tail spin. His shock and grief is understandable. How far down the spiral will he’ll go? He didn’t even take the time to hold his new-born daughter or speak to anyone.

The boiler room scene was a bit confusing. According to the episode’s director, the trail of blood is Lori’s remains having been dragged to the far corner by the walker that Rick ended up shooting and stabbing in the stomach. The walker with the distended belly ate Lori. And the hair around the walker’s mouth belonged to Lady Grimes.

I loved that tender, sweet moment when Daryl was holding the baby. He might have to step in for Rick as the father figure, while his buddy pulls himself together.

Can’t wait for the next episode to find out who is calling Rick. Do you think Carol is alive or dead? What do you think about Andrea’s decision not to leave with Michonne? Is the Governor a master manipulator? What should they name the baby? (Not Lori, please!)

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