The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 “Alone” Review


In “Alone”, Maggie, Bob and Sasha must decide if they will go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Beth and Daryl get split up.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled recap and reaction to The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 entitled “Alone”.


Building upon the character development and story strands of previous episodes, “Alone” gives a clearer picture of how these moving parts will eventually converge. If “Still” hadn’t established Daryl’s bond with Beth, as a viewer we wouldn’t have felt his emotional toll as strongly after she’s kidnapped. The home intruders introduced in “Claimed” take Daryl into their gang, establishing them as the villains for this half of the season. And in the final shot, Glenn discovers the map to Terminus putting his trajectory on a direct collision course with Maggie and the rest of the prison survivors.

If last episode’s character study on Daryl and Beth could be faulted for its slow pace, “Alone” dials up the bloody thrills and heart-stopping suspense. When Daryl lures a large crowd of walkers down into the morgue, its moments like this why I’m hooked on The Walking Dead. There’s no clear way out for Daryl but not only does he find a way to survive against all odds, he has the presence of mind to snatch his arrow out of a walkers head on his way out. He’s the ultimate bad-ass!

Serious Piggyback

Picking up with Daryl and Beth’s storyline right after their solo episode turned out to be a good decision because we immediately see how they have influenced each other for the better. The time taken to develop their bond in “Still” makes us understand why Daryl believes Beth represents how good people with strong morals can survive in this world. It’s a belief he’ll have to hold onto now that he’s with a bunch of dangerous hunters whose motto is “why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people”.

Daryl sitting at the crossroads is symbolic. Will he have to compromise his morals in order to stay alive long enough until he finds a way to escape from this group? If it wasn’t for Beth’s help, Daryl would still be that angry, violent man who might have been badly influenced amongst these hunters. Or maybe that dark side is always within and under the right set of circumstances it’ll emerge again.

If these hunters are behind Beth’s kidnapping, it’ll make it that much more satisfying when Daryl gives these guys the pointy end of his arrow. But the house was neatly maintained and respected the dead while the hunters are like animals so it doesn’t seem likely it was them. It’s a pretty elaborate ruse how the kidnappers first sent the one-eyed dog to the house and then the second go around sent a bunch of walkers. It does require some disbelief how all those walkers didn’t make a sound until after the front door was opened but it’s does set up Daryl’s incredible escape scene.

The Walking Dead Alone

Go To The Terminus

Like Daryl at the crossroads, the image of Maggie, Sasha & Bob in a thick blanket of fog, back to back is symbolic. They need each other in ways that may not be apparent and to a certain degree lack self-awareness.

The chemistry between Sasha and Bob in “Inmates” felt off but here their contrasting dispositions, with Bob being fearless and full of hope while Sasha is pragmatic and making some decisions based out of fear, worked a bit better than I expected, though it lacked an emotional punch. Perhaps their scenes would have been stronger had they’ve been developed more earlier in the season. Having said that, I came away from this episode with a stronger understanding of Bob and Sasha and perhaps as importantly I like these characters a little more.

Before knowing the episode title, I realized that each of the characters at one point or another are alone. It’s interesting how the writers made each character have their own perspective on what being alone meant to them. In some cases it is a choice; Sasha couldn’t acknowledge her fears, Maggie didn’t want to risk other people’s lives for what they think is a hopeless cause and for Bob it seemed like he wanted Sasha to follow him and at the same time he didn’t want to leave Maggie alone. For Daryl, it wasn’t a choice to lose Beth who is sort of like his beacon of faith in humanity.

“Alone” is an enjoyable character study on how fear, hope and faith motivates each of the survivors. It’s also good to see that the show is not saving all of its zombie killing budget for the finale, something that was lacking in some of the previous episodes. It’s hard to believe but there are only 3 episodes left in this season!

What did you like and dislike about this episode? Who do you think kidnapped Beth?


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