The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 "Internment" Recap


In The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5, Hershel continues to care for the sick and Rick protects the prison fence from swarms of walkers. Plus a familiar face returns!

Continue reading for a spoiler filled discussion of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 entitled “Internment”. Let’s dissect the episode!

Life Is Always A Test

I’m going to touch on a few points in this episode. This post is more of a conversation starter than a detailed recap. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. I look forward to discussing with you further.

With all the screen time Hershel is getting in this episode, I thought there’s a good chance he would die. I shouted “No!” when the walker fell on top of Hershel. I also shouted “Shoot!” when Hershel didn’t pop the head of the walker coming up the steps in front of the kids.

A good thing about Hershel living is that it says hope and compassion is a way of survival too which is a counterpoint to Carol’s way of thinking. Think of all the people who would be dead if it wasn’t for Hershel’s selfless actions. Hershel helped the sick both physically as well as mentally. If the sick saw the dead bodies get stabbed and burnt it would have disheartened their will to live.

Hold It Together

Rick’s priority is raising and keeping safe an adolescent in the post-apocalypse. Similar to how Hershel shelters the sick from what needs to be done to the bodies, Rick is protective of Carl at the beginning of the episode. He’s sheltering Carl from certain situations that might revert his son to the way he was at the end of Season 3.

Gunning down the hordes of walkers added some much need adrenaline and action to the episode. It reminded me of when the group opened the barn door and blasted all the walkers back in Season 2. It’s also a great father and son bonding moment that represents the two are in sync with one another.

Most parents can likely relate to deciding what to let their child experience and what things to protect them from. When the fence is about to go down, it’s symbolic of Rick no longer believing he has to shield Carl from the reality of their situation. Rick needs Carl’s help because no else is around but also Carl’s shown growth in his maturity.

With proper parental guidance, Carl is now responsible enough to wield a semi-automatic without fear he’ll turn into a shoot first, ask questions later type of sociopath. Rick is learning to be a hands-on parent which is different from when he lost his mind last season and left Carl on his own. It’s a nice touch that a couple of times in the episode Rick is saved, once from Carl and from Maggie chopping the walker arm.


Everybody Loves Maggie

One of my favourite moments of the episode is when Hershel tells Maggie not to take the shot because she could hit the breathing apparatus that could save Glenn’s life. In the season premiere Maggie talked about not wanting to live life in fear. Here, she fearlessly takes the bull by the horns and saves the lives of both her husband and dad. I do wonder if Maggie will have to make a choice between Hershel and Glenn by the end of the season.

The reaction from most of the group to Carol’s banishment is delayed until next episode but I’m glad to hear where Maggie stands on this issue. If Glenn had gotten sick at the same time as Karen, I believe Carol would have burned his body too which may be a thought that came across Maggie’s mind. Unlike Carol, Maggie has familial and emotional ties that keep her in touch with her humanity. This is pure speculation but if Maggie is hiding her pregnancy, it is another layer to her belief that Carol is wrong to prematurely end the lives of Karen & David.

This is a strong episode for Maggie after her notable absence in “Indifference”. The image of Maggie axing death row’s door and shooting through the prison window is the kind of strength missing from Lori and felt forced with Andrea. The tables are turned in that Maggie is not the damsel in distress. She’s rescuing her loved ones and as a viewer those moments carry an emotional weight.


Guess Who’s Back

Although not all the questions regarding the infection have been answered, the sickness storyline has run its course. What I presume is that some survivors have a natural immunity to the “flu”. Hershel got his face splattered with infected blood but never got sick. Perhaps Maggie has the same immunity as I don’t think she’ll get sick either after kissing Glenn whose mouth was lined with blood.

In an earlier recap I mentioned that for the infection to truly have an impact as a legitimate threat a core member of the group should die from it. Because I’m fairly attached to the survivors, I’m okay that Sasha, Glenn and Hershel are out of the woods. But as solid as this episode is, I kept thinking as I was watching is how I missed what the Governor injected into the show.

It’s perfectly understandable for those fans who felt that killing off the Governor at the end of season 3 would have been a natural and climatic conclusion. On the other hand, he’s a fantastic villain and I’ve seen shows kill off a great character too soon to the show’s detriment.

How the Governor will be incorporated into the story line is a big question mark? Any of the survivors with an ounce of common sense and value their life would shoot him on sight or in the case of Michonne slice him in half.

Bringing back the Governor offers a different kind of danger than the mindless zombies and viral infection. A danger that is malicious, unpredictable and deceptively clever. He has a way of psychologically terrorizing people like assaulting Maggie and causing mayhem like the deal with Rick to turnover Michonne. The Governor is on a revenge warpath and I can’t wait to see what’s he up to.

What did you like and didn’t like in this episode? Which character had the best moment?


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