The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12 "Remember" Review

The Walking Dead 5x12

Upon entering a fortified and peaceful community, Rick’s group are given idyllic houses to live in. “Remember” focuses on the group’s return to civilization but do the citizens of Alexandria realize who they are letting inside their gates?

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12

We Brought Dinner

For an episode that didn’t have a whole lot happen, “Remember” is surprisingly very satisfying. After previous locations on the show turned out to be something they are not, it’s refreshing that Alexandria is exactly if not better than what Aaron promised it to be. There’s running water, video games, and jobs for everyone! And like any respectful new neighbor Daryl even brought dinner. Yummy! 

One of the strengths of “Remember” is watching Rick adapt back to civilized life in a realistic way. The show can be very bleak and despairing at times, it’s a nice change of pace to see the survivors gradually decompress.

Rick is still very much in survivor mode which can’t be turned off over night; he’s suspicious of being separated into different houses and freaks out when he looses sight of Carl & Judith. Despite living in what appears to be a secure community, Rick said it best that they don’t have to worry about growing weak, after everything they’ve been through it’s in them to be strong.

The Walking Dead 5x12 Rick and Judith

You Look Ridiculous

The video camera interviews are reflective of how each member of the group are adjusting to the new community. Michonne wants to desperately fit in and make this place their home. She told a little fib about everyone in the group being ready to settle down when we can see that Daryl clearly isn’t. While Michonne has put down her katana against the chair, Daryl has his crossbow strapped to his back, pacing around like a caged animal. Daryl is not going to be domesticated, heck he won’t even shower.

It’s entertaining how Carol is handling herself. It’s almost like Carol is playing Survivor reality show by presenting herself as a weaker player to come across less of a threat to her new tribe.  She fumbles taking off her rifle before putting it on the cart when we know full well she’s Ms. Rambo when she needs to be.

Carol’s play acting does make some sort of sense. Alexandrians have been sheltered so they might not understand the hard choices Carol has had to make. She wants to blend in as a well-adjusted suburban den mother, which means leaving out parts of her past like how her husband used to beat her and putting an end to Tyreese’s infectious, sick girl friend.

Survival At Any Cost

What makes former Ohio Congresswoman Deanna a good leader is that she recognizes her community hasn’t lived outside the walls and that they need to bring in new blood; proven survivors who know and can do what it takes to keep Alexandria safe and thriving.

However, even with her ability to read people, she seems a little too trusting. What she may not fully realize is that as much as Rick’s group could be their saving grace they could also be like wolves at the gate. Rick had warned Deanna about keeping that gate closed because people out there prey on weakness, using others for their own end. Yet ironically, Rick may potentially be referring to himself, declaring “If they can’t make it work, then we’ll just take this place.” It’s not that Rick are the predators or bad guys here, but they are stronger than Alexandrians and will need to take charge when inevitably something terrible happens.

As much as this episode focused on our survivors, there’s a lot of set up going on with the new characters. Deanna’s annoying son and Jessie’s husband, introduced while cloaked in a dark shadow, are going to be trouble. Then Deanna mentioned there were three people she exiled. If they survived they could come back with a larger group to take over Alexandria. Enid, the emo girl, is an engima. Is she some spy from another group? What is she doing going off on her own outside the gate? And is she connected with the missing gun that Rick hid?

Overall, “Remember” is an enjoyable episode that did a good job of balancing our survivors point of view while setting up Alexandria and a new bunch of people.  The weakest part are the scenes with Deanna’s son outside Alexandria which felt too contrived. It’s like it wouldn’t be an episode of The Walking Dead if at least one person’s life wasn’t at risk. However, it led to a solid moment for Glenn standing up to him, then a punch to the face. Well done Glenn!

Do you think Rick is right that they won’t grow soft living in Alexandria? What do you like or dislike about this episode? 


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