The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 "Forget" Review


A cocktail party, exchanging recipe ideas and moving in on the neighbor’s hot wife, just another day in the zombie post-apocalyptic world.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13

Forget Me Not

Arriving at the Alexandria safe zone opens up a number of possible story lines for Rick and company. While some seeds for things to come are being planted, the focal point of “Forget” picks up where the last episode left off; centered on the survivors adapting to their new surroundings and taking steps for a possible take over.

With a couple of episodes to go before the 90 minute season finale, “Forget” is not so much spinning its wheels as much as taking the time to set the table before shifting gears for the home stretch. All in all, a couple of key moments carried an otherwise quieter, less eventful hour of The Walking Dead.

Invisible Woman

Carol’s strategy to blend in with the people of Alexandria has already started to pay dividends.  Alexandrians are way too trusting of virtual strangers or maybe it’s the grandma sweater that’s throwing them off. Whatever the case, unlatching the lock to the armory’s window beneath their very nose is pretty brazen of Carol and is likely the tip of the iceberg on how unsecure Alexandria really is.

From a mousy den mother to a child’s worst nightmare, Carol is whatever she needs to be in any given moment. After getting caught in the weapon’s room, one of the episode’s highlight is Carol scaring Sam in order to keep it a secret. She played on so many fears in her threat: the fear of abandonment, the fear of being eaten alive etc. Carol wouldn’t follow through on her threat but she had to be convincing to save her bacon.   

Hardest Button To Button

Aside from Carol’s scene stealer, Daryl’s story line is the most memorable part of “Forget”. Daryl may have been referring to his old group when he said “the longer they are out the more they become what they really are” but it could be said of any survivor including himself. Surviving in the post-apocalypse has brought out Daryl’s true potential and beneath that gruff & tough exterior is a good-hearted man.

Aaron may have already recruited Rick and company but his specific goal here is to recruit Daryl who wasn’t fitting in as seen last episode and partly to test how they would work together out there. There’s something compelling about the image of Daryl attempting to wrangle Buttons the horse. Without reading into it too much, if there’s a parallel to be drawn between Buttons and Daryl, both are untamed at heart. The look in Daryl’s eyes when seeing the devoured horse is as one of shock but also coming to some sort of realization that he should take a different path.

Deanna considers herself a good judge of character but perhaps Aaron is even better at it. Aaron identified what Daryl needed in order to have a sense of purpose in Alexandria without actually having to stay confined there for long periods of time. By balancing each other’s strengths, Aaron and Daryl could make for good partners as recruiters, a job that perfectly fits Daryl’s skills set and disposition as an outsider.

the-walking-dead-forget 5x13

Wine & Dine

The cocktail party are the least engaging scenes but works as a device to introduce some new characters all in one spot and for our core survivors to interact with them. It’s pretty odd that these people are still living life as if the zombie outbreak didn’t happen which only added to Sasha’s post traumatic meltdown. It also served as a cover for Carol to get guns in case they should need them.

Earlier in the episode, the way Deanna  brushed off Rick’s warning that people are the greatest threat now doesn’t bode well. Rick previously said he’d take over if things didn’t work out. He’s seems to be taking this idea in a more personal direction by making a play for Jessie’s affections.

Overall, “Forget” is a pretty decent episode though less enjoyable than “Remember”. The character moments with Daryl and Carol are well done. While we didn’t get a good sense of what the next big threat is, hints like the “W” carved in the walker’s forehead means Sasha’s idea to have a lookout at all times in the clock tower is a no brainer

Do you think Rick crossed the line by kissing Jessie, a married woman? What do you like or dislike about this episode? 

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