The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 "Try" Review

the walking dead season 5 episode 15 Try

In “Try”, Rick confronts Jessie to make a decision about her abusive husband. Meanwhile, Michonne and Rosita reach out to Sasha who’s been taking out her emotional turmoil on walkers.

Continue reading for a spoiler filled reaction and recap of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15.

Try To Conquer

If the aim of the Season 5’s penultimate episode is to build up the story lines to just before a major turning point or an intense culmination of events, the mission is accomplished. That’s not to say that each of this week’s story lines are equally engaging, but that developments have sufficiently escalated to what should be a strong finale.

To get an idea of what the finale might have in store let’s review some of the clues found in this episode. Based on the dismembered body parts and the “W” carved in the woman’s forehead, whoever destroyed Noah’s community is closing in on Alexandria. The scope view from Sasha’s rifle as she picked off the walkers outside of Alexandria also showed that the support beams on are the wrong side of the wall.

Now that it’s revealed Nicholas has the gun that Rick hid, I’m getting nervous for one of our core survivors. Even if Glenn isn’t the one to go in the finale, it’s safe to say that Nicholas is up to no good. Lastly and unfortunately, the people of Alexandria are going to need a very serious wake up call in the form of a disaster before they realize it’s a mistake not having Rick as their leader.

The Walking Dead 5x15 Try

Fight Or Die

The soft cliffhanger from last episode on how to deal with Jessie’s abusive husband formed the central conflict in “Try”. Up until this time, much of Rick’s dissension with how Alexandria runs things has been kept to late night conversations, but now it’s literally spilled out into the streets for the whole community to witness. For better or worse, this is what Rick wanted, to force the issue one way or another.

Rick admitted as much that his responsibility to protect Jessie was motivated by his personal feelings. But Rick also sees the bigger picture of the abusive husband scenario and why it’s important for him to take action. The writer did a good job of conveying Rick’s ideology in the dialogue and why he could not turn a blind eye or do nothing to help Jessie and Sam.

By appearances, Rick looked like a crazed, gun man. Yet what he was saying actually made sense to me. It’s just that the people of Alexandria have been way too sheltered from the post-apocalyptic world to get his point of view. Plus waving a gun around isn’t going to help matters. 

Sick Of Playing Defense

The bright spot in Sasha’s b-storyline is actually Michonne. Those flashes of Michonne remembering who she is worked quite well, it’s more engaging than how Sasha’s turmoil is being handled. It also subtlety says something when we see Michonne wearing the officer’s uniform at the end.  

It wasn’t the brightest of ideas for Enid and Carl to trap themselves in a hollowed tree but I’d chalk that up to the writer wanting to put these characters in an intimate situation. Awww, Carl has a crush!

Another notable is in the economic storytelling approach. The opening montage set to Nine Inch Nail’s “Somewhat Damaged” encapsulated what we needed to know in a short amount of time: that Deanna’s family is in grief, that Nicholas blamed everything on Glenn, Sasha is damaged goods and Carol can make a delicious casserole (we later found out that Sam confirmed the abuse). It’s also fine with me that no one visited Tara, I’m sure she’ll be back next episode. I am surprised that there was no development on Maggie vs Gabriel.

“Try” isn’t as strong of an episode as last week’s but a fairly decent one nonetheless. Rick’s story line was by far the most compelling, while Sasha ruined a perfectly good bonding moment for the ladies. I’m still super excited for the grand finale, let’s hope it’s a great one.

Do you agree with Rick’s point of view or did he take it too far? What do you like or dislike about this episode? 

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