The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 "Consumed" Review

The Walking Dead Consumed

In “Consumed”, Carol and Daryl follow the car with the white cross to Atlanta, putting them one step closer to finding Beth.

Everything after the break will contain spoilers and a discussion of The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 6.


Five seasons into The Walking Dead, beyond the gruesome kills and shocking turn of events, it’s the evolution of the characters that keep me invested in the show.

Carol and Daryl have had significant character development over the seasons and Consumed highlighted their ongoing evolution succinctly.

Consumed is a confident episode in that the characters we’ve come to care about carried the story.  The story itself is more of a framework that functioned to piece together the cliffhangers from episode 3 & 4 along with providing some solid character moments.

Burned Away

The dynamic between Carol and Daryl has always been intriguing in that there is no romantic tension between them rather there is a shared understanding of each other as former victims of abuse.

As an act of compassion, it was thoughtful of Daryl to burn the bodies of the mother and daughter turned walkers and in a way they represented that Sophia and the pre-outbreak version of Carol no longer exists.

The through line of Carol’s flashbacks involving fire summed up her belief that “everything now consumes you”. As much as the zombie apocalypse has forged her into a strong survivor – the person she believed she ought to be – to some degree it has chipped away at her humanity.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6

We Ain’t Ashes Yet  

As harsh as it may sound, Carol shot Lizzie because it was the pragmatic thing to do.  And after Daryl prevented Carol from shooting Noah in the leg, she gives a number of pragmatic reasons why she was willing to endanger the kid’s life.

But when Noah was trapped under the bookshelf, there was no reason for Carol to save him other than compassion. So whether it was unintentional or not, Daryl helped Carol get back a piece of her humanity that she thought might have been lost for good.

Carol and Daryl make for a great team in how they keep each other in check when the other is about to cross the moral line. Not only are they very different from who they once were but are different from each other. It’s funny how Daryl described the painting in the office as being made from a dog’s ass while Carol liked it.

In my “Slabtown” review, I described Noah as the only decent person in the hospital so I was a bit surprised to see him in this episode in a different light when he robbed Carol and Daryl of their weapons.

The action centerpiece involving the ambulance was entertaining though I’m not sure how realistic it was for it to somersault in the air, land perfectly upright on its wheels and have Daryl escaped uninjured. Carol on the other hand is not having luck with vehicles in this episode.

“Consumed” had a measured pace and solid scenes featuring two fan favourite characters. Daryl hasn’t had much to do in this season so far, so it’s good to put him back in the spotlight.  Further, after lots of fan speculation two mysteries have been addressed: Noah is the person in the bush from the end of episode 3 and Carol wasn’t faking an injury to infiltrate the hospital.

The groundwork is nicely laid for a confrontation between Rick’s group versus the hospital and rescuing Carol & Beth. This set up is a little reminiscent of the mid-season 3 finale when Rick’s group attacked Woodbury and rescued Maggie & Glenn but I would think the writers will throw in a twist or two.

What do you like or dislike about this episode?


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