The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 3 “Thank You” Review

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Review

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Recap (Spoilers)

Boy that was an uneventful episode. Cries. The start of Season 6 is the strongest ever. Period. If last week’s “JSS” left viewers with a triumphant feeling, “Thank you” rips out your heart and stomps on it. This was a powerful episode to say the least. Judging by the online reaction a lot of fans are still in denial on what went down.

As Glenn fell off the dumpster I was in a state of denial too. I was thinking maybe Glenn can crawl away. Maybe it’s Nicholas’ guts getting devoured. Maybe it’s all a dream. But unless the writers pull a deus ex machina, it looks like Glenn took his final breath on the show as a regular character. Or maybe not.

What added to the shock is that this doesn’t happen to Glenn in the comic books. The show swerved off in a surprisingly different direction. His death caught me off guard. In a way strange way, I’m glad that his death was allowed to hit hard and unexpected. Glenn has Maggie to live for and possibly a baby on the way which makes it even more tragic considering some characters like Sasha has at one point given up on life.

On the flip side, I wouldn’t feel cheated if Glenn managed to survive. He evolved into a great character and would love if he remained on the show. He started out as a young man and eventually became a strong leader in his own right. He also had his own perspective on preserving his humanity which is different from the values on which Rick and Carol base their decisions.

Glenn’s evolution goes hand in hand with Steven Yuen’s progression into a great actor. The more challenging the material Yuen was given, he always stepped up his performance accordingly. Credit also goes to the writers and Yuen for a positive portrayal of a young Asian man. Glenn was treated like any other lead character on the show and his race didn’t define him. He also had a healthy sex life, which may be a weird thing to point out, but it’s not often a side shown of Asian male characters on prime time American television.

You can look at Glenn’s death in a few different ways. Glenn’s downfall was literally and symbolically shown when Nicholas took him down with him. If Glenn didn’t hold on to his humanity and instead killed Nicholas in last season’s finale, he probably wouldn’t have gotten trapped on that dumpster in the first place. Glenn put his fate in Nicholas’ hand to lead the way, when he should have trusted in his own proven survival instincts to take charge of the situation as he has done in the past.

Or you can look at it as when Glenn spared Nicholas’ life, he also gave the opportunity for Nicholas to face his mistakes and become a different man than he once was. It would be poetic in a way if Nicholas sacrificed himself so that Glenn could get covered in blood and guts in order to escape; that Glenn’s faith in humanity would be the reason why he was able to crawl away beneath the dumpster as Nicholas got devoured. Or maybe it’s the denial talking.

TWD 603 Glenn Dies in The Walking Dead

Let’s wind things back a bit. When Rick told Glenn and Michonne to keep moving forward no matter what, that they should leave the Alexandrians behind if they had to, it came across as another moment of Rick going too far. But as always is the case, Rick’s approach would have been the right one in keeping Glenn and Nicholas alive.

Michonne just barely escaped herself. The Alexandrians are like deadweight, dragging down Michonne and Glenn. But it’s really the belief that they could all make it back home alive which was the misjudgment. That and it was bad timing when those walkers in the closet started making noise as the herd went by the store.

Michonne gave a great speech to Health, showing how she differs from Rick yet still believes in him. But maybe living in the gated community has soften Michonne a little. The way she rubs off the message on her arm at the end is like she’s snapping back to the reality of living out there. People are going to die but there are choices you can make to keep as many people alive as possible, just not all them. It’s sort of like a self-serving notion in trying to save others as a way to reinforce one’s belief in their own humanity or emotional needs, when in fact making the hard sacrifices can be for the greater good.

Did Rick get bit? It was a little confusing but I think he just cut himself open when slicing the walker. If he was bitten, I believe he wouldn’t hesitate to cut off his hand in the same way he quickly amputated Hershel. Talk about lightening fast, cat-like reflexes when Rick dove out-of-the-way of those bullets and dispatched the wolves.  I really liked Rick’s speech at the end, which summed up the episode, about going forward is for them, going back is for us. I thought Daryl would have raced back to help Rick but he’s understanding the value of Rick’s message and joined back up with Abraham & Sasha. Great ending to a great episode.

Season 6 is a thrilling, adrenaline fueled ride so far. So much has happened and there hasn’t been a moment yet to catch our breath. The premiere started off the season on strong note; the last two follow-up episodes raises the bar to another level. “Thank you” leaves some of us in shock, some of us in mourning and some with a hope that Glenn will pull through somehow. But it’s not just Glenn’s fate that is in question, Rick is in a potentially dire situation, Daryl is leading a horde of zombies away and what’s going on in Alexandria after the attack?

Do you think Glenn could have survived? If he did die, was it a fitting death for his character? What do you think is the lesson learned in this episode?


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