The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 6 “Always Accountable” Review

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Theories on Who is on the Walkie Talkie at the end? (Spoilers)

The Walking Dead’s Season 6, Episode 6 centered on Daryl, Abraham and Sasha’s story during the day which began way back in the premiere. While “Always Accountable” answered what happened to Daryl, a number of new questions are raised including who said “Help” on the walkie-talkie at the end?

In a recent interview which you can read here, Norman Reedus talked about who it isn’t. However, based on previous interviews, you have to take everything actors and producers say with a grain of salt.  In general, they are usually tight-lipped about spoilers and what they do say could possibly be misdirection.

Based on what we do know, there are some reasons why it could or could not be Glenn. For starters, Glenn has a walkie-talkie, he was seen using it in “Thank You”. Among the significant characters from Alexandria there isn’t anybody else that is unaccounted for. On the other hand, the voice doesn’t sound like Glenn’s. Or maybe he’s talking from inside of a dumpster lol. Further, we find out that there is a new gang of survivors out there who have walkie talkies and they briefly used the same frequency as Daryl earlier in the episode. 

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What was apparent about “Always Accountable” is that it didn’t go the direction of Daryl, Sasha and Abraham having to deal with the zombie horde they were leading away. Nor did they encounter any Wolves like what happened to Rick in the RV. Instead a brand new group of potential bad guys are introduced. If you’ve read the comics or heard about the recent casting news, you already know who they might be.  

Always Accountable had some strong moments but ultimately wasn’t as satisfying as hoped. The set up of these new bad guys aren’t going to pay off until later down the road. The other issue is that the best Daryl centric episodes have him play off of established characters like Beth, Carol or even Merle. They know Daryl’s background and have a way of bringing out new insight on Daryl in a way these strangers couldn’t and didn’t.

Daryl’s instincts as a recruiter was correct in that Tina, Honey and D are more or less good, but even people who are good-natured can make bad choices. A lot of this episode revolved around the idea that people can freely choose their actions, but things have a way of working towards an inevitable end. It was almost like Daryl was meant to find Patty’s fuel truck, having returned to that spot a second time. And he was meant to lose his motorcycle and crossbow, two items which have defined him, which also happened more than once in this episode.

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A problem with Sasha and Abraham’s scenes is that while The Walking Dead at times can succinctly convey philosophical ideas through dialogue, it wasn’t handled in a strong or interesting enough way here. Abraham went from wanting to kill everything and then after listening to Sasha’s point of view, screaming in the face of a walker who he should have killed first before trying to get the RPG launcher. Abraham’s characterization didn’t gel as well as it could and the tone of his scenes felt off. Abraham did appreciate how Sasha was challenging him and getting to the root of why he act like he does. He’s connecting in a deeper way with Sasha which hasn’t been shown with Rosita. 

It always good to get a Daryl focused episode, however, The Walking Dead has delivered stronger character centric stories in the past. The focus was really more to introduce a new rival survivor group for Alexandria to face off against later down the line. Perhaps it would have worked better if Daryl, a strong likable character, played off Abraham and Sasha throughout the episode, because those two had trouble holding their own scenes. Not a bad episode, but with everything else going on like what happened to Glenn, “Always Accountable” didn’t have enough urgency and connection to the main story arc of the season so far.

What did you like or dislike about this episode? Who do you think is on the walkie-talkie at the end? 


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