‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Enter King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva

The Walking Dead’s Season 7 promises to start off with a bang.

The upcoming season will address the controversial cliffhanger which left a slew of survivors on their knees awaiting Negan’s “eenie meenie miney mo” decision on which of them is getting Lucilled!

The first minute and a half of Season 7 Comic Con 2016 trailer takes a stroll down memory lane, showing flashbacks of a number of possible victims.

Negan has already spared Rick and Carl’s lives which would leave either Michonne, Abraham, Daryl, Aaron, Sasha, Maggie, Glenn, Rosita and/or Eugene to take it like a champ.

The second half of the trailer shows glimpses of Alexandria and some survivors under the thumb of Negan. There’s certainly bound to be a lot more terrifying yet darkly humorous moments with Negan which the trailer teases. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The season 6 finale had Carol and Morgan receive assistance from soldiers on horseback. Based on the trailer, this new group is from The Kingdom, led by King Ezekiel and his ferocious tiger Shiva.

Ezekiel is a former zookeeper before the outbreak. He enjoys a flair for the theatrical but is also wise and honorable. Ezekiel is friends with Jesus and the Hill Top Colony.

Rick’s group were shown to be outnumbered and outgunned, The Kingdom could be the allies they need to stand a fighting chance against Negan and the Saviors.

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln shares his thoughts on Season 7: “We all link arms, it’s a really sh*tty start to the season, but hang on because we are heading to one of the greatest showdowns of the show.”

Who’s ready for pee pee pants city part 2?

The Walking Dead returns for its 16 episode seventh season on AMC at 9 PM ET, October 23rd.


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