The Walking Dead Season 7 Review


Warning: Full Spoilers Ahead on The Walking Dead Season 7

Welcome to our ongoing review of The Walking Dead Season 7! Our quick review and reactions to each Season 7 episode will be posted here. Plus we’ll give each episode a score out of 10. Let us know what are your thoughts in the comment section. If you are not caught up on the latest episode, please be careful of spoilers in the post and comment section below. Hope you check back in after each episode!

Season 7 Episode Reviews:

Season 7 Episode 1 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”   Score: 10/10
Season 7 Episode 2 “The Well”   Score: 8/10
Season 7 Episode 3 “The Cell”   Score 8.5/10
Season 7 Episode 4 “Service”   Score: 7.5/10
Season 7 Episode 5 “Go Getters”   Score: 8.5/10
Season 7 Episode 6 “Swear”   Score: 8.0/10
Season 7 Episode 7 “Sing Me a Song”   Score: 8.5/10
Season 7 Episode 8 “Hearts Still Beating”   Score: 8.5/10


Season 7 Episode 1 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Is it wrong to say Negan is awesome?

There are some villains like Joffrey on Game of Thrones whom viewers love to hate. But Negan is a different kind of villain. Even though Negan killed two fan favorites characters, I can’t help but to revel in his charismatic glee in everything he does. Negan has a code of conduct and a method to his accomplish his goals. Otherwise, it would just be chaos. He knocked off two of the strongest survivors in Rick’s gang and took Daryl as his prisoner. There’s a specific intent behind each sadistic action. Negan’s whole RV trip is about making Rick his bitch. Let’s not overlook how great are the lead performances.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is killing it. Too soon? 

The season 7 premiere lived up to the anticipation. Sure, the season 6 finale cliffhanger wasn’t ideal but how everything was executed in this episode is excellent. Abraham took it like a champ and I had a lump in my throat when Glenn got the beat down. I knew it was coming. I think a lot of fans would be upset if Glenn didn’t die. Not because we don’t love him, but that it had to happen. The show couldn’t pull punches after the long wait, all the foreshadowing and everything that happened to Glenn, including his fake out dumpster death. Just like in the comics, Glenn’s eyeball bulged out. 

Daryl is the perfect pick to be the one that “caused” Glenn’s death.  Firstly, it’s in his character to be defiant and secondly he can do no wrong in most fan’s eyes. Meaning, had it been another character like Rosita or Sasha who punched Negan after Abraham died, I think there would be a negative backlash on to them for what happens next to Glenn. It’s kind of crazy seeing the two huge blood stains on the ground where their heads used to be.

The opening scene where Negan talks to Rick about losing a right hand man and bringing the axe into the RV, it gave a feeling of dread through-out the episode that Rick could possibly lose his hand.  So when Negan and Rick return to camp and it was clear that Negan wasn’t done “breaking” Rick, I thought that Carl could very possibly be the one to lose his hand in a cruel twist of fate. It was verging on torture porn for a minute with Rick seconds away from chopping his own son’s arm. I’m glad it didn’t happen. I also liked that the final scene with the group gives me a moment to wind down a little after a super intense hour of television. One of the best The Walking Dead episodes.

In Negan’s words “we’re just getting started”. 

Score: 10/10


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