TV Talk: iZombie Season 3

iZombie Season 3 is off to a less than stellar start yet consistently delivers some of the wittiest lines on TV. Got to give props to the actors for saying “Fillmore Graves” with a straight face lol.

Before I get too far ahead, if you are new to iZombie and what to know what the show is about take a look at iZombie: Veronica Mars Creator Proves the Zombie Craze Still Has Bite.  

The rest of this post may contain spoilers up to the current aired episode at this time which is Season 3, Episode 4’s “Wag The Tongue Slowly”.

The strong season premiere “Heaven Just Got A Little Bit Smoother” set a high bar which the follow-up episodes don’t come close to reaching.

I’m going to be nitpicking Season 3 a bit or at least the first several episodes because I know the show can do better and I want to put my finger on where I think it’s missing the mark. 

The Case of The Week

The premiere sidestepped the case of the week problem since it continued where Season 2 finale left off and set the ground work for Season 3. Unfortunately, this section should be titled the case of the weak, because the procedural parts are uninteresting and mostly forgettable.

Season 2 did a better job of tying the cases to the bigger overarching story lines, making them more meaningful and unraveling the mystery just a little bit more each week. The scenes I enjoy the most aren’t directly connected to the case of the week like Clive’s flashbacks and whatever Blaine is up to.

The Brain of The Week

The brains are often played for laughs and I don’t want that to change.

However, the brains are most engaging when it enables Liv to handle a dilemma in her personal life too, not just solving the case. Liv as a character is getting lost in the mix. Whatever is her journey or arc this season needs to be more clearly defined. Maybe it’s going over my head. I imagine she’ll have to go up against Fillmore Graves at some point, choosing between the zombie community and humanity. 

The Supporting Characters

I’m hoping that this Ravi-Peyton thing is over with. I don’t like what the show is doing with Ravi this season. The flipside is that Blaine-Peyton is working for me. Some times I wonder if Blaine is faking the amnesia but watching Episode 4 he seems sincere about not wanting to go back to being a homicidal brain dealer. And turning down Peyton?

I like how Clive is in the loop and the team aren’t keeping secrets from him anymore. The one thing I could never quite reconcile is how a rational, logical thinking detective could believe in psychic visions in the first place and at the same time throw jibes about the mindfulness zen guru. I know, I know it’s a zombie show with zombie brain visions!

What about Major? I don’t have a strong reaction one way or another. It’s still early in the season to get a handle on where his story is going. I thought his zombie strength and mercenary training would have kicked in when he had the chance to take down the guy who pointed the gun at his head in Episode 4. I’m interested in finding out what is Natalie’s situation and where it will go from here.

iZombie always gets a few good laughs out of me with lines like “Dial M for Moisture”. I know the season is just beginning. This post isn’t a final verdict, just a check in on the season so far. There are a lot of balls in the air so to speak and the show runners have hit it out of the park in the past season. Here’s hoping iZombie season 3 can make some course corrections and stick its landing.


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