Why Exploring Kratos’ Humanity is an Exciting New Direction for God of War

god of war stunning gameplay

Kratos is back like we’ve never seen him before.

I’ve been watching quite a few trailers from E3 over the past couple of days. One of the best is the God of War gameplay trailer. It sucked me into the story and made me care about Krato’s relationship with his son.

The trailer has the trademark God of War violence that we want and expect. When it comes to video games I don’t usually think twice about the violence. But what impressed me is how God of War puts the player into the role of Kratos the father and makes me question what level of violence is appropriate for a child. As Kratos teaches his son how to finish off a prey with a knife, I was thinking will the game really show him guide his young son’s hand into a wounded stag?

Of course it’s just a video game and in order for to survive in this world a child must learn to hunt for themselves. But it goes to show how human these characters can come across and how engaging the situations can feel. I look forward to more gameplay that develops the father and son dynamic. There’s a moment where Kratos hesitantly reaches out to almost pat his son on the back but instead reaches to pull the knife out of the stag. One of the marketing soundbites that makes me excited about this direction is how Kratos is teaching his son how to be a god while Kratos is learning how to be human from his son. 

Of course there’s a lot of other great things about the trailer from the great looking environments to the non-fixed camera position. What do you think about God of War Gameplay trailer? Which E3 trailers caught your attention?


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