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And, in a dark car, on Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs way home from dinner, it happened: Fruit Loop 1 and I had a whopper of a conversation. I had no idea that my teen was about to ask me about Sexy moms in Saint Augustine sex act on the way home from dinner. The evening started out innocently enough. After attending an event as a family, Hubby and I decided to take the Fruit Loops out for dinner at one of our favorite watering holes read: It was a picture perfect moment: As we had taken two cars, Fruit Loop 1 opted to ride home with me.

I should have seen this as a SIGN, people. Once in the car, and about two seconds after I navigated the car away from the curb, Fruit Loop 1 dropped a bomb on me: Let Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs repeat that: He wondered what would happen if he received salacious texts, who he should tell, why kids would do such a thing. Heavy topics weighed on his mind and he wanted to talk about all of it. As I was driving heavy machinery.

In the dark. Without Hubby as a back up. I was caught with my pants down and I swear, the deer we passed on the road did not look nearly as surprised as I Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs when I was driving. But, I made a choice to keep driving, to take the longest way home possible because my tween was talking, openly talking to me about sex.

You know.

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And work. Blow work, is it? Something that is like a job and involves Backsdat. Can you explain that to me? In the split seconds that followed his question, I debated: Do I pull over on the side of the road and call Hubby to take over?

As the reality of the answer set in, and, realizing these moments with tweens are fleeting, I took it one step further: I told him that if you get one, you give Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs. Plain and simple.

Mostly, my friends have cry laughed at the image of me driving down the street being asked about knob polishing. But, for all the judgement, all the shocked outcry, I stand by what I told Fruit Loop 1. If you loved this post, why not share it?

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I love your blog and have been reading this for a while now. This entry, however, has to be the best one ever. I am sending it on to my DIL, mom to a very wily almost 8 year old and a precocious 6 year old, both boys, who already ask questions that make you Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs. Quality writing, Christine, and even more quality parenting. Virginia, this comment made my day. Thank you so much for Backsdat kind words….

Absolutely love and agree Bsckseat your decision.

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I have always been an advocate of the truth with my kids. You are spot-on here, Christine. Good for YOU! The best part of this? I love truth telling.

Sex is the weirdest thing ever.

I hope when they are tweens, I handle all the questions with as much grace and humor as you do: It has to do with being terrible at answering questions about things that do not have pre-established back stories.

You are right ON!! Good JOB Keeper!!

If I were one of those psycho-stalker-followers Wexs would hunt you down today and attack you with hugs and kisses to say Thank You. Thank you for being honest with your son.

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I will never understand why so many parents feel it necessary to lie to their kids about sex. I love how you handled it! Thank you for sharing. Those fruit loops sure are lucky to live in such a great box of cereal: He is a pro and explained it in a matter-of-fact way.

They definitely need to know that. Anal sex is one of the highest risk factors for hiv transmission. They need to know the truth about their bodies and about safe sex. I was always very honest and forthright with my girls, bless them. I am Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs that They are both happy and relatively well adjusted 18 and 20 years olds. I always told them I would be there when they needed brutally honest information, llop ride home, or advice.

I live in the south, and so many of Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs kids know nothing about the mechanics of their own bodies or the mechanics of sex and their parents think that any mention of either of these things is going to immediately make their kids Afternoon sex near the Sioux City Iowa loop sex.

When in fact, the opposite is true.

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The more parents talk to kids about sex in an honest and open way, Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs more of a protective factor from sexual experience it is for their kids. And you are laying the ground work right now so that your son knows it is okay for him to approach you with any questions he might have in the future.

Well done, fruit loop keeper! I still have those nasty STD slides somewhere in a closet if you want to scare him to death. It was always the boys who passed out in Lonely Calverton New York sexy women classes. Girl, I commend you.

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Being honest and open is so important. Kids will figure it Backsaet themselves and the figuring out part might be extremely misguided, so setting the groundwork for open discussion is awesome. Well Played. Or your son. No one told me anything when I was growing up and I promised he would not be so naive.

I Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs him to have all of the facts.

I was not prepared as I thought I would be. But ready or not I told him about sex. He knows fruiy pregnancy and diseases which school helped on learning diseases too. I love this! I also openly and honestly explain to my boys, when they asked, why I have a period. I try not feuity give them too much information, but just the right amount to answer them accurately and honestly. If they want to see what a girl Backseat fruity loop me teen sexs like naked, I will buy them a Playboy.

I grew up in a home where sex was hush-hush. What I learned was what was taught in sex-ed. When I became a mom I decided to be open and honest with my son. Answer questions when he asks.

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I told him that kids at school would start talking about things, and when they did he needs to come to me so that he knows the truth. Sometimes he does. Thank you for this. Great advice!

Your son will thank you one day.

What else can we do?? Any suggestions please.

You handled that amazingly! My mother flipped out on me when asked her questions about sex.

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You not only gave your son good honest information about sex, but more importantly you taught him that he can trust you. That is so funny. I had a similar talk with my five year old!