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The series, which debuted in the UK inputs families in a metaphorical blender and mixes them up for viewers' entertainment.

However, if you are expecting after-hours viewing with a title like Wife Swapyou can leave your expectations at the door and your keys in your pocket.

Although you wouldn't Cornelius OR wife swapping alone. Because wifee the name sounds decidedly dodgy, this is a show that is all about family.

In Wife Swaptwo families trade spouses for a week, with the visiting partner living by the rules of the host family. They then have a chance to flip the script and rule the roost as they see fit.

Despite being a couple for so long, Emma was unfazed at the idea of living in someone else's home and by their rules. I love reality TV shows.

However, husband Paul took some persuading. For Emma, the prospect of living by someone else's guidelines was almost liberating.

I'd do it again. It was completely different to how I am at home.

Smith says they were committed to finding an interesting mix of Cornelius OR wife swapping from different backgrounds and beliefs. In Emma's absence, Paul says he and his new wife "got on, yeah", before he hesitatingly confesses, "I wouldn't say it was happy days".

Perhaps the most Cornelihs task for the swapped spouses was raising someone else's children.

Smith says that dealing with "screens and TVs" was a universal challenge for all the families. Cornelius OR wife swapping and Paul have two teenage sons so for Emma, caring for younger children, including girls, was a big adjustment. Smith says that for some of the families, taking part in the series has prompted them to rethink how they run their own households.

Paul and Emma both Cornelius OR wife swapping they weren't compelled to change anything once they were reunited. But they definitely have conflicting opinions as to whether they'd be up for a rematch. Diverse mix of couples revealed for Wife Swap New Zealand. Families big and small swap spouses on Wife Swap New Zealand.