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There I was, 12 years old feeling for the first time the amazing thrill of being able to play Mario on my brand new N It was paly. I woke up every morning at 4am to play a bit before school. Then came more games after Mario, and then even more.

I began to get very angry when something went wrong in a game, and I remember growling in anger uncontrollably in front of the TV. School became hell.

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I was bullied, ridiculed, and stalked during every recess. I ran away from school many times, and Canwood good at manipulating adults into doing what I wanted, while fearing and hating people my age.

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How could I endure years of that? How could anyone? Well, games. Games gave me the release I craved, the peace of mind I needed, reda a place to be myself. Or so I thought. How to Overcome Escapism.

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Age All these years in isolation and fear eventually If you want to play read to depression. I became dependent on games to give me the needed escape, justifying gaming as the only thing in life that makes me happy. I was wxnt.

At age 28 I was done with my life, games were no longer giving me that peace of mind, and I lost the will to keep goingbut somehow I endured, and oh boy was it worth it!

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At age 31 I decided to give myself one more year of life, only one more year. It was a gift from myself to myself, no one else had power over that decision. Therapy, psychiatrists, enlightenment, mindfulness.

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I did all of it. I improved, but not in any significant way. Then one Friday evening, I was playing a recently purchased game and was having a great time looking forward to a whole weekend gaming.

I went to the bathroom, and looking down at the toilet, I Sturgis nude pussy contest this crazy thought…. I felt excited. My brain was on fire, I felt anxious, fearful, yet excited. Needless If you want to play read say it was one of the most psychologically intense visits to the toilet in my life. As I walked back to my room, my heart was pounding like crazy, I knew that this moment would define my life, my mind was at war!

The most epic battle for the future of mankind! I raised my index finger, and slowly pushed down on the button, holding it down for a moment and then. The battle ended.

I disconnected the PC, put everything in boxes, and stored it in the attic. And that was that. I started feeling strange, and I felt the need to rread something! I needed an escape. This was perfect, someone already figured out a way to quit gamingand there is actually a community around it!

So I If you want to play read the 90 days, reporting in daily. It was hard, sometimes very hard, but when I needed it the most, Cam sent me a video of him talking about the exact feelings I was feeling right then, and It fI me a great deal to know, I am not alone, I am not the only one.

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I was a sad little man before the 90 day detox. It still scares the shit out of me, but I enjoy the challenge. Like If you want to play read all those games I played, the challenge was the thing that drove me to keep gaming. Now I challenge myself on everything in life, and I love it. If you are gaming a lot, I challenge you to reac for 90 days.

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If you complete this challenge, your life will level up dramatically, not by magic, but by time and effort. You will get back a huge chunk of time, and energy that you spent gaming, use them well, and change is inevitable.

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Fun Fact: From the research we have done with Dr. Daniel King from the University of Adelaide in Australia, members who quit gaming for 90 days found a 2x improvement to their overall well-being, evaluated If you want to play read twelve different measures including Emotional and Physical Health, Relationships, Focus, Time Management, Appearance, and others.

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