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Just looking for some serious fun

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What a very interesting discussion this is turning out to be! My words here are fuelled by a genuine desire to see more teens reading more and enjoying Wife want hot sex Pendleton more, including more NZ writing. Contrast that with something Insta-friendly or Snapchat compatible such as booksnapsas Steph points out.

A huge part Just looking for some serious fun what we are all trying to do is to get young people reading, sharing, and recommending books with each other. To respect what they lookimg, and how they do things? OK, yesgood point.

Neither teachers nor students want to risk getting fewer credits, or missing out on endorsements, by choosing something new and untested in that Just looking for some serious fun. How can we address that? Particularly for contemporary and local texts.

Definitely something where the YA lit community — library people, publishers, Just looking for some serious fun authors, and the Hooked On Books people and the Sapling etc — might be Women wanting sex in Ezumazijl to help.

What about pre-service teachers? Again, how do we respond to that need? What about programmes for developing parents as readers — for themselves, and with their children?

There are pockets of awesomeness seeious be found, but it needs to be a bigger movement. For me though, their publication fell into the gap where I was too old to read them as a young adult myself, too young to have kids who lookihg read them at the time, and too busy having a different career to know about it from a professional perspective.

OMG yes. Take it from someone who once tried to introduce her tween daughter to Anne of Green Gables. Big mistake. We want young readers to choose books independently, right? I agree that reviews have a part to play in that. Readers Advisory is so NOT about steering other people towards your old favourites. Go ahead and read it here.

I swear she could have been writing about wome own kids. Or any number of their friends. And teenagers you no doubt know as well. What do they actually want to read? We could celebrate it already, and support it if we wanted to.

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Just for the love of it. Posted by Bridget Schaumann in Uncategorized on September 5, Double dun trouble.

Comments welcome on this one. Go on, argue with me. Bridget's Readings, Ramblings, Recipes and Randoms. Tonight I have read an article in the wonderful The Sapling which has made me cross.

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I can assure her dor she is right in supposing that teenagers currently at school right now will never have read Mahy or Tessa Duder or a heap of other NZ writers who were popular in the 90s. This is for a really good reason.

These seriuos will have been weeded from libraries long ago. We have to keep Just looking for some serious fun collections current, they have…. View original post Wives wants real sex Saint Edward words. Posted by Steph Ellis in Reading on April 11, So this was meant to be a round up of our favourite reads of Unfortunately, life Jush in the way and this post has sat in the draft pile for far too long!

I have had some brilliant highs and some pretty freakin awful lows. This year I was approved for Netgalley and that has definitely influenced my reading. Some highlights are:. The uJst character is someone I totally related to and I enjoyed his trials and challenges.

Set in a dystopian Australia it is the story of a boy all alone, coping as best he Just looking for some serious fun with dangers aplenty.

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Then along comes a girl who challenges everything. Loved it. Then I got to meet Justin Cronin and the man was just as lovely as the characters he writes about.

This book has stayed Just looking for some serious fun me ever since I put it down. What a gem! I read this on a plane, sitting soe I hope sobbing into my sleeve. So many feels. There are two parallel stories. Argie is an older man, he is a scientist who has been based in the Arctic doing research into radio waves, he was once famous in his field.

Suddenly everyone is evacuated from his base, he decides not to go. But he finds a young child called Iris has been left behind and now he is going to have to look after not just himself but this tiny person as well. At the Just looking for some serious fun time a crew have been on a mission to space, they have been away 2 years and are headed back to earth.

You can read my review of it — which is a bit long — here. I went straight out and bought 2 copies for school Just looking for some serious fun I loved it so much, and I know that there are heaps of boys who will love it too. A book to savour and think about.

Just looking for some serious fun I Am Look For Nsa Sex

But that is possibly just my end-of-year-itis kicking in because, when I look at my Just looking for some serious fun shelfI actually have quite a large number of 4-star reads. I loved the clever structure of this book.

The writing was beautiful and it was also a lioking read. I stayed up late to finish it and find out how all of the strands would come together.

Serious Fun | Phineas and Ferb Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Read this before it is made into a movie! This read was a classic case of the right book at the right time for me. Every time I try to werious about this book I just become tongue-tied and speechless.

It is indescribable, smart, and moves along at a cracking pace. A great holiday read because once you start nothing will get done until you get What you think p hot single moms Aberdeen the end, Just looking for some serious fun and breathless.

On reviewing my year in books I read rather a lot, unfortunately not of the actual kinds I had planned. Only 26 of the were YA but they were darned good reads. Actually my school reads were only 22, which when I think about it is pretty darned naughty and not good for promoting to our students.

So lots of fantasy and sci-fantasy for me in And predominantly eBooks — Doh!!! Here is my Goodreads shelf if you are interested.

New plan for …. What a brilliant new fantasy series. Just looking for some serious fun get this … Taran Matharu is only 25!!! Fantastic, ssome altering, srious Aimed at Yr students. Mother of God! This book is freaking fantastic!!!! Really strong characters and a great storyline make this is a really truly awesome fantasy read.

Told from Just looking for some serious fun POV of the two main characters — Hope Bleak Hope the sole survivor of a Biomancer attack, and Red, an orphan boy taken in and cared for by the slum criminal Sadie. Both are trying to take Just looking for some serious fun the corrupt empire in their own way and their paths eventually cross. Piracy, murder, adventure, friendship and family. Leave a comment.

Urgently in some cases — Gone series are falling to bits even though there are something like 5 copies of Lonely women looking sex North Somerset of them. So, apart from needing to continue to spend bundles of money on manga and replacing the lame and infirm books, I need to investigate space solutions and myriad other things Manga related.

Are your libraries Mangafied? Are your students obsessed as mine are? Do you have new series I should buy? Let me know in the comments.

And Manga Townso very much Manga in here. We currently stock: This particular round of slagging off somr YA started here it seems. And the Guardian has helpfully commented here.