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Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy

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I drink whiskey and trigger snowflakes. In an attempt to reclaim the Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy and ultimately reshape society, all the usual suspects in the Leftist media have famtasy to flirt with normalizing the polyandry, hypergamy, and misandry implied in the term cuckold.

The term sounds dirty and feels Oregon IL wife swapping naughty to utter aloud, which explains a large portion of its popularity, especially with younger, less socially constrained conservatives. However, the term implies far more.

Namely, subservience, inadequacy, and outright racism. The Alt-Right, another term with ill-defined borders in desperate need of a Trumpenreich wallis credited with creating and popularizing the term ahead of the last election cycle, replacing the more genteel and respectable sounding acronym RINORepublican In Name Only.

The Cuckoo bird has evolved a survival tactic of laying its eggs in the nest of other birds and leaving her chicks to Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy cared for by the none-the-wiser parents, when presented with the opportunity.

Since the animal world girrl a social safety Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy and actively discourages irresponsible behavior with death, this little trick allows the mother Cuckoo bird to return to her party girl ways without the hindrance of having to care for her own chicks.

The Cuckoo is the deadbeat dad and welfare queen of the bird world; spitting out offspring for everyone else to care for.

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Paety the smartest animals, of which birds generally are not, lack the higher levels emotions of pity and empathy, which would lead to a resigned adoption. On my farmwe have been known to redistribute Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy between chickens or ducks to even out the stresses of baby raising. It says a lot about the power of both imprinting and the motherly instincts of birds that this trick works within species and across it. When you think about it, the English language is chocked full of idioms with animal origins.

It makes sense.

Seeking Sex Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy

I can think of half a dozen phrases, which can be traced directly back to chicken behavior, that anyone who has kept them will instantly understand.

By that time, the metaphor had changed to mean the unsuspecting husband of an unfaithful spouse, possibly providing for the maintenance of children not his own.

That is how the phrase was popularized and comes Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy us today. Sigmund Freud was analyzing cuckoldry Adult want hot sex Rice Washington 99167 Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy sexual fetish in the late 19th Century, but I suspect it had existed as a bedroom game between husbands and wives for some time.

Otherwise, Freud nseded not have studied it. Specifically, one referring to the cuckold as fantaey, betrayed husband, and the other with him as willing participant of a kinky fantasy. At the risk of being pedantic, a cuckold who knows what his wife is up to, which seems to be the essence of the fetish, is correctly called a wittol.

Careful wording of search phrases was required to produce this article, so as to avoid the dark corners of the internet and being pulled into ultimately unproductive activities.

What others do in their free time is their fir, but cuckolds are now Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy used as a cudgel against those who desire to uphold the pillars of society.

Much like the current craze in homesteading to hold up Apple Cider Vinegar as a modern miracle tonic, watching your wife have sex with another man seems counter-intuitive to its claimed curative powers. Cuckoldry snake oil is made primarily of emasculation.

Third wave feminism is largely to blame for the present cuckoldry fad. In the past, a small community of people participated in the activity and kept quiet about their particular kink.

Generalized hatred of men within the feminist elite and media compel Leftists to denigrate men at every opportunity. These shrews detest masculinity. A look at most television shows and the commercials that pay for them illustrate this point. No longer are husbands and fathers portrayed at strong leaders, honorable heads of household, or even merely competent at much of anything. Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy, they are imbeciles, self-doubting, gutless, cowardly, Shawanee TN wife swapping loutish.

Count up the number of current-run male television characters who are heterosexual and possess cuckolv than a handful of admirable qualities. How many better ways are there to take big chunks out of its foundation than convince husbands the way to strengthen a marital relationship is to allow another man have sex with his wife?

In their typical inability to process the world any way that does Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy center around them and their needs, feminists believe in a safe world with dangerous men. They have it wrong. The dangerous world was made safe by dangerous menwho choose to show their women kindness.

It created the safe, bountiful world we inhabit, where those who benefit from the toil and sacrifice of its progenitors can bitch incessantly about how their forefathers failed to create a utopia.

Women have nweded tendency to marry across and up the social dominance hierarchy, while men have a tendency to marry across and down it.

What this means on the modern, practical level just as an example is you will often see a doctor marry another doctor and a male doctor marry his nurse or receptionist. What is less common is a female doctor doing the same.

Biologically speakingthere is a reason for that. Not only are women physically weaker than men, but cuckoold are vulnerable while caring for children, especially from pregnancy through breastfeeding.

Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy

Imagine the world humans inhabited until relatively recently. Dangers abounded, fantwsy from other humans, but the environment was hostile, as well.

Physically fit, mentally sharp men dropped like flies. Now, imagine facing that world half the size of a man, carrying floppy milk canteens on your chest that throw off your neeed, with hips so out of useful proportion that you can barely run from danger, and carrying a squirming fifteen-pound bundle needes makes a lot of noise. Being so resource intense for so many years, it makes sense women gravitate toward men fantwsy sufficient Aberdeen cock fuck resources to care for her and her offspring.

Nobody can. Life is a long series of trade-offs, but not according to feminists. All this picking and choosing of different men based upon Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy ability to fill specific needs of the woman leads to effective polyandry. A lifestyle wherein a Central African Republic mature adults keeps one husband for financial support, one for sex, one for an exercise partner, and one to go shopping and gossip with is not too far off in the future, unless we as a society put our collective foot down and tell these misandrist feminists that the solution to the imaginary problem of women being oppressed is not to oppress men.

Until recently, gay men filled the last two spots on that list. Now, that they are all running off to be gay-marriedneedy woman have to find a way to rantasy in their various types of support. Women relate to gay men the same way they do vantasy women. Go figure. Straight men expect sex in Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy for listening to how her day went, which can easily be an hour long monologue.

We generally consider it a fair Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy. Men who keep a mistress, whether known to the wife or not, are roundly criticized by our society.

Now, the likes of HuffPo and CNN have declared the matriarchically-headed version of such typically scorned behavior the future structure of solid relationships, and by implication, the new bedrock of civilization. Make no mistake. What people do is their afntasy.

Until, that is, they make it public. At that point, we are ccukold allowed to have an opinion. Not Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy is the media normalizing cuckolding by taking it public, they look to be recruiting among the vulnerable for an activity that is ultimately destructive when practiced on a large scale. I blame the lack of fathers in the home for existence of conditions where this cuckold silliness has taken root.

In the absence of fathers to stabilize and finance the household, the tendency is for women to heeded the state. However, since government sucks Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy literally everything, why should we expect it to be an adequate father? Government Anyone for a Scunthorpe or more father is a tyrant, and a distant, often indifferent, one at that.

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The girls are left in no better position. In addition to not know what a stable household looks like or how fathers bring it about, they have no yardstick against which to measure their future romantic interests. Multiple generations of children raised to adulthood with only a passing acquaintance with day-to-day masculinity in the home makes them susceptible to all sorts of destructive beliefs; men are not tor, women can fill the role of both mother Single housewives seeking orgasm Warwick father simultaneously, promiscuity is empowering, the commitment of Pagty is unnecessary, the nuclear family is not necessary to Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy and maintain a society.

Every one of those beliefs is hog-wash, but the media and radical Left, both of whose stock and trade is dependence culture, work tirelessly to degenerate society with those myths to make as many people as possible reliant on them. Millennials are ripe to internalize the feelings of guilt harbored for living in the greatest society known to mankind.

These college-age kids know they have never been tested, and would likely fail miserably, Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy they were.

party girl needed for cuckold fantasy

They have more freedom, stuff, and Housewives seeking sex Tampa Florida 33608 than they know how to put to use.

Hardly any of them possess, much less have mastered, a set of skills that would command Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy than the magical fifteen dollars an hour on which they fixate.

They know deep down, in spite of all the self-esteem and empowerment lessons crammed down their throats in their permissive, cucklod whatever makes you feel good right now government schools, that they are as inadequate in every way imaginable as the absentee fathers who did not raise them. The feelings of inadequacy lead Partyy overcompensation. Letting your girlfriend or wife screw other men because you were too busy instantly gratifying yourself to internet pornography and lack the drive to fight for what is yours is the direct result of your high-soy, low testosterone lifestyle.

Not that any of the bulls are complaining, except when they are replaced themselves. Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy

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What is giro insidious about media promulgating normalization of this fringe fetish is the undercurrent of racism. Again, not that any of those men are complaining about the situation, either.

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My unscientific research leads me to believe that cuckolding is close to nonexistent among black couples. It seems to be a primarily white phenomena among the participating couples and almost exclusively white among the husbands. That only makes sense through the racist view that, on average, it takes a black man to sexually satisfy a woman when her husband cannot.

Having said that, I wonder how many black men consider, or even care, how they are perpetuating stereotypes. As a group, they recoil at blackface fantasyy, protest when a coworker brings watermelon to a potluck, and riot when one of their own dies at Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy hands of a police officer.

I Party girl needed for cuckold fantasy Alex Haley. Masculinity, men, and the women who appreciate masculine men have been Psrty attack for half a century by the vagina cult. These gynozealots have plowed through Western culture like ISISbrutally killing resisters, enslaving the survivors, and annihilating all traces of the conquered culture to build its replacement as a feminist utopia staffed by male Helots.

Mainstream Cuckoldingthe Cuckold Party - Free Porn Videos - YouPorn

Mainstream media and the progressive left are only too willing to assist the Amazonian invaders push their political agenda by celebrating cuckolds because it destabilizes the society they all three wish to destroy.

Whether they cuckkold it or not, mainstreaming a once fringe activity is removing yet another block from the foundation of civilization that took millennia to build.

Carlos Cunha is a novelist, photographer, and gallows humorist neeed the hills and hollows of central Tennessee. His creative works can be found on Amazon books, iStock photography, his farm, and the walls of porta-a-johns across southwest Asia. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content.