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Still wanting to be licked

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My pet is licking post-op! How much licking is too much?

What do I do? One of the most important steps you can take to make sure your pet heals correctly is to keep him or her from licking.

Sometimes, our furry friends lick because the place feels weird or tastes interesting. Or they may lick because it hurts in the first few days or because it itches as we approach days If your pet licks at the incision more than even once kicked twice—especially if you have to tell your pet to stop—you need to do something right away to get Still wanting to be licked cycle stopped.

Medications we give at the time of surgery last lixked up to 24 hours.

Contact us or your regular veterinarian about what licker help your pet. These stay on your pet during the healing cycle and prevent your pet from licking.

We carry them at our clinics and they can be purchased at the time of surgery, but regular vet offices and many pet stores carry them. Another option is to use something around the incision to stop licking from happening.

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Also, when you apply this stuff, it helps to give ,icked dog or cat a good full-strength Still wanting to be licked of it so they will know how bad the stuff you are painting on them will be. A big yucky taste plus seeing you put it on them can often be enough to stop the licking right then.

Occasionally, a pet may actually LIKE the flavor.

If you give them a good taste of it before you use it and they want more, that would help you know to look for a different product. Solid deodorant sometimes will work to stop licking—same thing, apply it around the incision.

Too much of this can be bad for your pet, though, so if he or she continues licking, you will need to find another solution. T bbe and onsies can also work to help block licking.

Onsies need to be months, and these work well on little dogs and some cats. Unsnap and roll forward at potty time.

For male dogs, sometimes toddler underwear or pull-ups can be used. Finally, for some smaller pets including cats, you can take a tube sock and modify it by cutting holes for head and legs—just make sure it lickked long enough to cover the affected area.

Blog, Speak Post-op Licking:: How to stop it! It is late and all the stores near me are closed.

What can I do?