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Wanted military guy for some hot sex

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Married or single, waiting for an intimate and sensual NSA encounter to look back on with a sly mysterious smile. Please include a pic and Ill send one back. I'm not seeking to change my relationship status yours, and discretion is required.

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I'm in the military myself and try to steer clear of other military men for several reasons; I don't believe in "shitting where you sleep", STDs among servicemen are significantly higher than the general population including HIVand it's hard being in a gay relationship while on Active Duty.

I've screwed guys from all branches Wantde the military, but my all-time best fuck was a guy in Special Forces.

Not only was he hung like a stallion, he could keep it up hhot than any other guy I've slept with. I was in love with his cock, but so was he so we broke it off. I had a fling with an air force guy and a guy in the navy.

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Both were hot as hell and wild in the sack. Great bodies and cocks. How real are the "servicemen" in porno videos?

And can military uniforms be faked? I mean, Gyy see like Marine uniforms in some movies and I wonder if they really are real uniforms or not. Have had sex with a few military guys and have found that it's true that most Marines are bottoms.

I'm in the Marine Corps and my boyfriend is a Marine as well.

Look For Dick Wanted military guy for some hot sex

You'll find that a lot of military guys at least gay Marines have the same fascination with civilians that civilians have in dating military. I'm still waiting for the day when someone talks about fucking a military guy and the guy has a 6" penis.

Also, foreign military. This was mostly during my time in the Navy. I had a LTR with two Marines. We had an apartment off-base and were Sex adult Lafayette different duty sections so there were nights when it was just two instead of three in the bed. Man, I wish this stories were longer Wanted military guy for some hot sex that I had my own to tell. I think there is nothing hotter than gays in the military - and it has nothing to do with respecting the Chimperor or his war.

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For me, knowing that someone is willing to risk his life even though the military is thought to be so homophobic We go to gay bars if we want to relax I'm in an area that is heavily populated with Marines and a percentage of them are gay. We go to restaurants and movies just like everyone else, but in those places we are not affectionate because you never know who's around.

Believe it or not, a bigger fear I have sometimes with my boyfriend is not that we're a gay couple but that I'm an Officer and Ladies seeking nsa Lebanon NewYork 13085 enlisted. It would not be good to be caught for fraternization Wanted military guy for some hot sex we have to work around that.

He's not in my unit or anything, but it still could be made an issue. Otherwise, we have a great time. Been seeing each other for six months and it's the best relationship I've had.

As I said before, gay Marines and you figure out who they are on base are more fascinated with civilians than other gay Marines, I find. And to the guy up Wanted military guy for some hot sex who asked about the 6. Hmm, my post was cut off I see.

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Well, the sentence should read, And to the guy up top who asked about the 6" penises, believe me, Marines have all shapes and sizes. Six inches would be generous for some I've seen.

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Does letting three West Point Grads make me their own personal pass around bottom in a hotel in San Diego count? I've been in a relationship with a Colonel for 4 years. He's in the Guuy Force. It's hard right now because he's in another state, but only two more years until retirement. Then he can double dip!!! My first real boyfriend was in the Air Force, and I had a summer-long thing with an Militxry.

Yeah, I know once a Marine, always a Marine. Big but not ostentatious. Perfect in its coloring and proportions. Reliably ffor hard as steel.

Given to voluminous eruptions. He's married now. Lucky bitch. I had sex at his off-base apartment with an army guy with a really small dick inches would be a kind estimate. He was really apologetic fo it, but I didn't mind. He had a great body and was a really sweet guy.

Because of his small dick, he was very eager to please. And he did. Yes, r They eex. There have been several Wanted military guy for some hot sex involving Dirk's boys, including a few who have gone to prison and also been thrown out of the military.

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What Wanhed that series of videos where a middle-aged guy jacks off marines while they are lying down on a bed? Is that real? I live in the same state and would love to drive down for some Marine action. Nope, but here's a link to a blog by a marine that you "military infatuated" folks might find interesting.

You speaketh the truth. I was in the Army and once you get to your first permanent party station the sex is everyone.

You may not believe it but the same old same old gets real old real quick. You start to venture off base. Local college students are what I and most were after and they after us so it worked out.

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I've posted lots of stories on previous threads of this topic and don't fee like rehashing so I'll sum up. All the boys I used to dance with died in the war.

I guess they were the bravest That Marine with mulitary blog that R39 linked makes me puke.

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These arrogant "tops," who boast about the men they have subjugated, are disgusting. The thing I noticed I really missed with guys was hair, long hair. I'm not Wanted military guy for some hot sex hippie-length hair though I do like that sometimes but just normal hair that wasn't regulation.

Don't feel bad. I'm still in the military and I refuse to hook up with other military guys. The novelty wears off quick I'd say after my first two yearsand even though I've had my chance with some hot guys, I'm just not interested.

Yeah, part of it is because I'm an officer and most of the guys I've been Wanted military guy for some hot sex in are enlisted, but I'm also able to look past the uniform and see the person.

I prefer civilian guys because they tend aome be more "real". Mil guys are usually carbon copies of each other in both appearance and behavior which has been pretty disappointing. brings you hot gay military men with big dicks in gay bareback We have two elites back for some action today and they love to flip flop and we. Nothing here but the nastiest army free sex movies in these army porn tubes that will leave you is these super hot army free porn movies here, by Popularity @ XXX Vogue. Girls wants to fuck the army dancer Military guy fucks busty Jasmine Jae in the kitchen Asian slut hanging on some ropes fucked by the soldiers. The worst part is when they start asking me about our sex life and I have to Nobody wants to admit that they have gone to war with gay people. . Certainly nothing sexual, or anything like what some straight guys do over Skype. . and the army decided: We don't need any more hot pilots, we need more.

I've done it with four or five Marines, a few sailors, one Army guy, and and Air Force guy. My partner is a retired Navy guy.

I spent some time on base and with a couple of friends who were in the Fro Corps.

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It was amazing to me how quickly Granny sex ri got desensitized to the military look. Hell, I wasn't even in the flr, just visiting, and I remember getting bored with it.

So the comments from the current military people make some sense to me. For a bunch of reasons I decided not to join the Marine Corps and really concentrated on my civilian job, which up militagy that point had bored the shit out of me.

Wanted military guy for some hot sex

I advanced, and over time I did really well. I also drifted away from friendships with military guys, and one consequence was over time a renewal of the sexual turn-on of guys in uniform.

I've noticed this in a couple of former military people I've known, too. They weren't into the whole schtick while they were in, but give it a few years out of Wxnted service and they were chasing crewcuts with the best of 'em. I once had sex with a Marine in a squadbay at Camp Pendleton in the middle of the night.

Sex with military men

The guy looked like he had stepped out of a recruiting poster. He was a god in his summer charlies green lightweight trou, tan shirt. Miitary Christ, what a memory. I'd have crawled over broken glass for that guy. Still would. For quite a while I was mistaken for being a Marine.

This was around the time I had decided against going in. But in preparation for going in, I had really Wanted military guy for some hot sex out. Wore short hair, boots, the whole deal.

One sailor I met in a bar in D. So, finally I said, okay, you got me.